Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Home runs in spring training mean nothing.

Unless you're Freddy Garcia, and Chris Duncan hits one off of you that the IAEA wants to investigate.

That home run was hit so far that it's currently rolling down the street in Buffalo. Guess who isn't going to be that far behind that ball?

Oh, and what's G?

Apparently, G stands for Giving up seven runs in the fourth inning ... as in Dillon Gee. That might be Gee, but here's the thing: Add the distances of all the hits off Gee today, and they still don't match the distance of Duncan's home run.

That's G.

And that's AAA.


Demitri said...

I liked the description of Duncan's HR from Metsblog. That it may have well be on a tee. Garcia's got nothing on his fastball - something like 83 mph.

Maybe he'll get stronger, or //shudder// it's Pedro time.

Ceetar said...

I thought Gee looked fairly good, given the errors and bloopers, but then he fell apart.

Maybe Garcia can get his fastball together? we'll see I guess.

Funny thing, given your image, I just hooked up my Atari to my HDTV. that almost feels wrong.

btw, I've moved my blog, if you feel like updating links. (http://www.ceetar.com/optimisticmetsfan)

Demitri said...

I forgot to say how much I liked this post.

I used to play Kaboom a lot back in the day. That game was almost as stress inducing as watching the Mets in September the last 2 years.

(BTW - My strategy was to blink as little as possible so as not to miss anything. Usually, this meant I had tears streaming down my face by the end of a game.)