Friday, July 11, 2008

What's My Name?

Dear Metstradamus,

From what
I read from you, you have little faith in me.

Well, did you hear them chanting my name today? "Ta-tis! Ta-tis!"

Heck, you were there Tuesday night. You were chanting with them in the bleachers. I heard you ... just like I heard you against the Dodgers when I
helped win that game.

You may think I'm better coming off the bench with limited work. I can't blame you for that. And I can't blame you for thinking that a guy who practically hasn't been in the majors for four seasons before this season is going to have his magic carpet ride end sooner rather than later.

But I worked hard to come back to the majors. And I promise you that I appreciate every at-bat more than you'll ever know. Even the bad ones.

But I like the good ones more, like the one I hit off of Tony Romo to put us in front today. (Or was that Enrique Romo?)

I will be looking forward to you being back in the bleachers to root me on and partake in the revival of FernandoMania. Say it with me: "Ta-tis! Ta-tis! Ta-tis! Ta-tis! Ta-tis!"




dundie said...

even the most washed up players can go on a hot streak. thanks for helping us win tatis, but the second you cool off, you need to be riding the pine for a real left fielder.

MetFanMac said...

He's no less a "real left fielder" than Jose Valentin was a "real second baseman". Sorry if I keep harping on about this, I just can't help it.

YouCantHideBenLinusEyes said...

Ah, yes. Jerry's kids have been lookin pretty good lately.

Unser said...

Assume for a moment we don't have the chips to land Nady/Bay/Holliday/Ibanez or anyone else of substance. I think we're looking at an "outfield by committee" of Endy, Tatis, Pagan and Nixon unless and until Church comes back. I guess you can throw Easley in there too when Castillo returns, although I'm not sure I'd give Castillo the full time job back. Either way, the team will have to lean heavily on its pitching staff to keep the opposition under 4 runs a game.

Unser said...

And re: your poll - I'd consider releasing Anderson and picking up Sexson. We have too many left-handed bats off the bench anyway, and Marlon, who can't play the field, just ain't cutting it this year at the plate. At least Sexson is a good glove at first and can pop one every once in a while.

Mutts haven't won since Charles in Charge said...

The Mutt$ should sign Henry Cotto and Jessie Barfield!

The Mutt$ are obsessed with the yankees and washed up players. A perfect fit!

tim said...

"Tatis-Tatis!" rolls of the tongue a whole lot easier than "Alou-Al-oh he's hurt again?-ou!"

I have 50 cents and a balled up tissue, that should be enough to get Ibanez, the others Unser mentioned may take a little more doing.

Only the Yankees and their fans would be foolish enough to sign Barfield and Cotto and then act like it didn't happen and then act like their squad wasn't filled with ex-mets when they won their little batch of World Series in the 90's. Enjoy the next century without a title, all the money in the world can't stop karma from creaming you pussies.

schneck said...

If he keeps it up a few more years maybe they'll eventually retire his number.

Bitter Whining American said...

Don't feed the trolls, Tim. =P

katherine said...

I think Fernando is just what we fans needed. He won't be making any the comments about getting bored, or not being devastated, I can assure you!

Loved the Daily News back cover this morning - "Six in the City".

I am going to Shea tonight - I am praying for seven.