Friday, June 27, 2008

Revolution #9

What you saw today in the matinee is what the Mets should be doing to pitchers like Edwar Ramirez and Ross Ohlendorf.

But nine ribbies? A team record?

See, it's the blue hats. Carlos Delgado likes blue hats.

Argument fallacies aside, Delgado's nine ribbies changes the landscape significantly. Now, not only is Delgado on pace for 30-100 all of a sudden, but now I'm not going to get that shoulder shrug when someone sees me at Shea in my Delgado "1986 special". Heck, some stranger might even buy me a beer tomorrow (hint).

I guess we can stop the nonsense about benching Delgado (for now). And you know what, with Sidney Ponson going tonight, there's no reason why Carlos Delgado can't get nine more in the nightcap.

(To which Carlos Delgado replies: "You know Metstradamus, if you want to be an ass ...")


misscharity said...


And I love that Blue Hat!

Le Sigh.

I can't wait till September!

You're going to be around to show us the true Mets life eh?

Trash Man said...

When you study that picture, Carlos seems to be imitating Babe Ruth. Maybe that's why his bat woke up at Yankee Stadium. If he could only keep it up