Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sometimes, perception isn't reality. For example, when I callously assumed that Jerry Manuel was going to be more of the same kinda Willie Randolph that we've had ... same kinda mellow, same kinda bland.

Wrong again, Metstradamus.

Instead, Jerry Manuel responds to Tuesday night's Jose Reyes controversy with a firm hand, and great ... more mob references.
"I told him the next time he does that, I’m going to get my blade out and cut him right on the field," Manuel joked yesterday. "I’m a gangster."
You wanted tough? You got Snoop. Dig it.

(Editor's note: Those expecting a photoshop depicting Jerry Manuel as a Gangster, Keep walkin'. Anthony from Hot Foot has already nailed it ... I'm not even going to try. Game over.)

The response from Reyes? Running around like a lunatic, creating two runs at the start of the game, running hard all the way from the box on a pop-fly in the middle of the game, and creating the tying run off of Frankie Rodriguez (not chopped liver) in the ninth by taking second on a semi-wild pitch ... This play prompted a friend of mine to ask me: "Why the hell is he sliding into second with nobody there?"

F-that. The way this team is going this season, running hard and sliding is no longer negotiable. This is just one of the many ways the Mets, as a roster, can respond to Snoop Manuel's voice ... by tying a game off an elite closer and then winning a game in extras while hustling every step of the way. It's still the same deal as when Willie was here, kids. The players are going to decide the fate of Snoop by playing hard. It might be easier for the players to respond with the new voice, but they still have to be the ones to respond.

And I'll say this: Let's be careful about saying that last night's win, as great as it was, "could be the spark". We've been fooled by that before. But instead of saying "it could be the one", I'll go and say: "it has to be the one". It absolutely has to. Two of three from the Angels heading into series with Colorado and Seattle has to lead to the big run. If not, then that's proof enough it's the roster, and not the manager.


Toasty Joe said...

Snoop Manuel - I like that. I hope it sticks.

MetFanMac said...

This is EXACTLY what the team needs! Way to go, Manuel!

tim said...

Don't sell yourself short Metsra, I think you could have done better than hot foot.

Personally, Manual reminds of a scene in the beginning of "Shaft", walking across the street just as a cab has to stop short to avoid hitting him, the cab driver honks, Shaft turns to him and gives him the finger.

Manual knows what's up, he some success in Chi-town only to be run out of town by the lackluster play of his team. He's learned from that and now is refusing to take shit. I'm with him 100%. He certainly scared the shit out of Reyes on Tuesday night, cause he was running for his life. There is a story in today's NY Post that reads that some of Willie's friends are saying Manual stabbed him in the back, undermining him to management--skullduggery, the Post put it. If that was the case then good for Manual cause he had to sit there all of last September and watch Willie shrug his shoulders every night as the team collapsed. I hope he undermined him, it only makes him more of a hero to me. I'll ride with this guy off acliff right now!

They say that Manual is a bad mother-shut your mouth-I'm just talking about Manual-we can dig it.

Schneck said...

Now that he has been manager a couple of days we should all make an effort to spell his name correctly... MANUEL. Just saying.

Willie's 'Gut' said...

In one game with Manuel the mets have shown more life than they have all season. Manuel has already shown what an arrogant, stubborn, and clueless idiot Willie was as manager of this team.

Good riddance to the 'class man' who accused ownership and fans of being racists, and blamed the SNY conspiracy for his negative public perception. What a joke.

Unser said...

Maybe "The Lyrical Gangsta" should be the new 8th inning song at Shea?

Strange thing to say though, dontcha think? Whatever - if they win, he can play rapper as long as he wants.

Anonymous said...

Willie could be replaced by a cardboard cutout looking stoic and crossing its arms! The fact that we now have a living breathing intelligent manager is beyond our wildest dreams!

tim said...

Manuel, Manual, its semantics, who gives a shit! I'm sure he doesn't...just saying

The Metmaster said...

What I saw of Manuel in the dugout last nigt was more animation and enthusiasm from our manager than all the Willie years combined. I have a good feeling about this guy. That stiff, wooden, arms folded shit is a thing of the past. Reyes ran like a scalded dog last night. The most telling thing about this whole drama is that there have been no tears shed in the Mets clubhouse over Randolph's shit-canning. Everyone said all the right things...."I like Willie", "I wish him well", etc. Nobody said "This absolutely sucks. What are they thinking about?", etc. Randolph always looked like a cold fish to me. First thing Manuel did was toss out all that Yankee crapola (no facial hair, loud music) out the door with Willie. I don't care if they all look like ZZ Top. Just play smart baseball.

tim said...

It will be interesting to see how guys choose to groom themselves now.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...


katherine said...

Well,I would accuse you all of piling on poor Willie, after he is gone, except you all piled on him relentlessly BEFORE he was gone, so at least you're consistent. I still like Willie a lot.

But I confess (and this feels so unfaithful) that I am developing a crush on Jerry Manuel.

Ceetar said...

hey really think they were going to say things like 'this sucks, i give up'? If anything there was relief regarding Omar finally making a decision so the media can stop bugging them about it.

You could argue that Reyes reaction said "This sucks" just fine. But whatever, if the Mets did start turning it around on Friday, I could care less who gets the 'credit' for it.

At least some of you commenters killing Willie are consistant, unlike all the media guys that know that they don't need anything (interviews, etc) from Willie, are quick to kill him and mock his tactics.

JeterBoy said...

Manuel is now a hero (gangster?)for calling out Reyes on his antics? Didn't Goose Gossage do this weeks ago and was accused of being Yankee elitist? Just to be balanced, he also made the same comment about the then Yankee closer Joba Chamberlain. A bit hypocritical kids. I thought execution on the field was the most important thing...not the antics or dancing?

Also funny how the media and the fans essentially buried Randolf and now he for the most part is the class act working man's hero. It is and always will be mgt as the bad guy..a lot of folks letting personal feelings and experiences get in the way of objectivity. At least on this site, most have been consistent in their lack of sympathy for him and the idea that he needed to go now.

tim said...

Maybe the Yankee fans criticized Gossage, I don't remember Met fans even giving a shit. And yes Manuel is an original gangster.

What's this about being balanced, this is a Mets blog, go to the Yankee blog and talk about Tim McCarver is way too into Derek Jeter.

Anonymous said...

Willie will go down in history as Jeff Torborg 2.0. A useless robot. Willie squandered the two most talented teams the mets have had since 1999.

Ed in Westchester said...

"Manuel is now a hero (gangster?)for calling out Reyes on his antics?"

jeterboy - Manuel "called him out" over throwing his helmet. Not for his "antics"

Big difference there buddy.

katherine said...

Ed in Westchester, thank you for making the distinction between Jose's dancing (of which I highly approve) and his insubordination to Jerry the other night, which was wrong, and for which he has already apologized. I pray that Jose doesn't let a lot of outsiders change his essential character and enjoyment of the game.

"I can't stand that - the dancing, the laughing - there's no place for that in the game."

That is the exact quote from Goose Gossage, who is a CRABBY, MEAN-SPIRITED OLD GEEZER. Laughing? There's no place for laughing in the game??

Anonymous said...

Dear Yankee scum,

Take your words of wisdom from bitter dinosaur Goose Gossage and stick them where the Giambalco sticks his roids.

Thanks and have a bad day.

Metstradamus said...


I did mention something about Gossage when he made the comment about the Mets dancing. And I was upset about it. He was asked a question about Joba Chamberlain's antics, and during his answer he took an UNPROVOKED shot at the Mets saying "oh, they danced a lot last year and look where it got them". He wasn't asked about the Mets yet he decided to take a shot at them, which was completely uninformed and silly.

And I see he's back in the news today for piling on Jose Reyes and his dancing. More likely than not, he was at least asked a question about Reyes and responded with his opinion. Fine. But his shot at the Mets a few months back I thought was uncalled for since he wasn't even asked about them.

And by the way, yeah ... a manager demanding an apology from one of his players for throwing a tantrum and embarrassing him, and a bitter former ballplayer taking an unprovoked shot at a team he had nothing to do with in his career ... kinda NOT the same thing.

Mutts are Losers said...

Mutt$ fans are such losers they will probably support Barack "Walter Mondale" Obama.

hahaha. I love it. When will mutt$ fans stop backing losers...oh wait! That would be never. hehehe.

JeterBoy said...

Timmy - Personal friend of Metstradamus..that's why I check out the blog. yes, he does hang out with Yankee fans..sorry to disappoint.

Anonymous - that's just rude and stupid.

Ed - I would characterize the Reyes antics as the same thing. There's something up with this guy. Either he doesn't hustle...throws a helmet..overcelebrates on stuff. Something just doesn't seem right there. Worst of all and what's most important, he hasn't executed on the field and that's what has got Met fans frustrated the most.

People make comments about things they are not involved with all the time. I wouldn't take Gossage's opinion as "a shot"...its just his view. It wouldn't be the first time a former player or broadcaster has put an opinion out about something they are not personally involved with? He should just comment on his experience with the Yankees? I think its taking it way too personally.