Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Four Horsemen Of The 2008 Mets' Apocalypse

Perhaps Willie Randolph is hoping that if this disaster of a series against the Padres turns into another four game sweep, that nobody will notice because all the games to this point ended after one o'clock in the morning.

I doubt that's possible. Because believe it or not, a four game sweep at the hands of the Padres is probably a few ticks worse than a four game sweep against the Braves. Banks, Wolf, Baek and Ledezma: The new four horsemen that are in the process of riding the Mets into the sunset ... which is creeping ever closer ... while tied up with mouths gagged and balancing on the back of the horse (which may, or may not be Da' Tara, although the horse that Baek is riding looks like it could be Big Brown). Barring a significant change in talent and ability up and down the roster, the tombstone of this team is going to read "Here lies the 2008 New York Mets ... one run on eight hits."

Some have expressed concern about the links I posted to yesterday, that I was somehow headed over the edge. I want to assure you that even though Scott Hairston pushes me closer and closer every day, I'm still a ways away from that breaking point. But I do have to tell you ... and the timing I assure you is total coincidence, that I will be on hiatus. Yes, there will be a beach involved. But it will be short, and I will return to preach more gospel (or spew more garbage ... which is probably more accurate) on Tuesday night. Hopefully by then, there will be more of a heartbeat in the collective hearts of this team than there is in the head of Ryan Church.

Now while I'm gone, don't forget the Aaron Heilman initiative ... the one where you do something for the good of society when Heilman comes into the game. A good thing to do is to buy one of these snazzy t-shirts from Gary, Keith and Ron at their website. Buying a t-shirt helps society as the proceeds go to the announcers' favorite charities. And if Heilman doesn't come in to Sunday's game, then it's time to celebrate. And you know, the best way to celebrate is to buy a shirt with a number 17 wearing a mustache.


choo choo said...

It's a sign from above 2-1, 2-1, 2-1. Delgado 21. Get rid of number 21.

choo choo said...

Or read from a Met point of view its 1-2, 1-2, 1-2. Maybe it's saying to get rid of number 12.

Mike said...

The Phillies are 12 games over .500. And they're good.

The Braves are barely over .500. And they're actually pretty good too. (In other words, expect that 2-16 record in one-run games to improve a bit.)

The Mets are a game under .500, and based on their runs for/against (i.e., their talent level) they're just about where they should be. After 60+ games, teams with average records are "average." Which is what the Mets are -- average.

The Mets are NOT that good. Three quality position players, two solid starters, and one reliable bullpen guy a pennant contending team does not make.

Stick a fork in the season, Metstra. Enjoy your time at the beach.

Unser said...

Let's face it - without Church in the lineup, the corner outfield positions are killing them. Tatis and Chavez are automatic outs. Opposing teams are giving nothing to Reyes, Wright or Beltran to hit in any crucial situation. The other Met hitters are getting fastballs down the middle of the plate, and guys like Castillo are TAKING them - even on strike 2!!!!

Easley and Chavez may be nice bench player, but there's no way they should be starting as much as they have been.

Unless Church comes back strong, and the make a deal for a power hitting corner outfielder, Mike's right - they're done.

Demitri said...

Though it pains me to say it, they are done. One only needs to look at the schedule and a calculator to arrive at the same conclusion.

For 91 wins, they would need to go 61 and 40 for the remainder of the season. After 1 full year of playing .500 ball, does anyone here really think they can go out and start winning at a .656 clip?

I hate to say it but the braves fan taunt from 2 weeks ago was accurate. These 2008 Mets are overrated. You could have made a case that Pedro would help them, but he can't unless he can hit, and play a corner outfield position.

katherine said...

Well, I am strangely calm.

When Billy came into the game, the San Diego announcers were falling all over themselves saying, how great he is, he's been so perfect, etc etc. I said, "He's not so great!" and he promptly showed them.

Really, what is the difference between being swept and losing three out of four?

We are just bad, this year, and there is no hope for us.

The Metmaster said...

Tony Clark? Tony Clark? The guy is on Social Security. I don't know why Randolph took out Sanchez in that spot. Sanchez' fastball was smoking when Randolph hooked him. Hey, not Sanchez' fault that Reyes performed Swan Lake tracking the dink that started the inning. And my son and I agreed that they got Wagner up and into the game pretty damn quick. I don't know if he was ready to come in.
We're done. This team has absolutely no fire in them. They are clueless as Ramon Castro demonstrated yesterday. He showed up less than an hour before game time. He thought the game was at 4:00 PDT! Idiot.

Metstradamus said...

You would think Castro would be above mistakes like that ... what with his head being the size it is, you would think he would have the corresponding brain size.

Guess not.

(Yes, I'm on vacation. No, I can't stay away.)

Rickey Henderson said...

Re: Castro--dude's a beast when he's healthy (and shows up at the damned game on time). Know how they say that half of being sucessful is just showing up? Well it's good to see we've found yet another way to lose...

Tom Hagan said...

I like the mets. Once i brought a sign to the game that said how much i like the mets. We cheered and clapped. the crowd roared. it was great. that is why i love the mets forever. once they won an important playoff game and the next day i wore my mets shirt to school and i became very popular.

Toasty Joe said...

Why are Ron, Keith and Gary selling a Fernando Tatis t-shirt?

katherine said...

I thought it was not possible but yet another Met found a way to disappoint me.

The featured "Blue Jay" for last Saturday's "Toyota Meet the Jays" event was, you'll be so amazed, MOOKIE WILSON!!!! I begged my teenager to accompany me to the god-forsaken suburban mall where this event was to take place, even offered to pay him, thinking that a lone middle aged woman going to one of these things would look pretty pathetic, but he refused. So I actually borrowed a 5th grader from a friend of mine and bought him a Blue Jays hat. I prepared some of my Mets memorabilia for Mookie to sign. I tried on several Mets outfits before settling on just the right thing. Then we got up early on Saturday, but before leaving the house I checked the web site for directions, only to see that at the last moment, the player had been changed to someone named Pat Tabler. No Mookie.

Anonymous said...

Dawn of the Dellabate'd

demitri said...

crap- I missed Pat Tabler!