Thursday, June 12, 2008

All Our Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Can we just enjoy a win even if it almost wasn't and made you want to jump off a bridge. Being a Met fan is hard enough now we can't even enjoy wins? -Tim, responding to some of the dire comments from yesterday even though the Mets pulled out a victory
Apparently, we said something wrong.

And now we long ... for yesterday.


Baseball was such an easy game to play.

Now Billy Wagner needs to hide away.

Oh I believe ... in yesterday.


tim said...

Hrumph! Can I walk the streets tonight and kill?

Metstradamus said...

Now Tim, murder is never an answer.

katherine said...

I would like to know how Billy can look Oliver Perez in the face right now.

Demitri said...

It just keeps getting worse.

Yesterday we had a win that felt like a loss, and we all had confused feelings about that.

Well, now I understand what a loss that feels like a loss is now, that ruined a fantastic Santana outing.

I was reading the "Black Cloud" article over at Metsblog, and I'm starting to think that this team may be so completely emotionally and mentally damaged from the collapse that, as a group, they can never recover. Perhaps a purge of the roster is in order. Maybe play the party line of saying you are going to build around Wright/Reyes/Beltran, but everyone else is fair game. (I'm not including Sanatana because he wasn't here when the shit went down). Treat the Collapse as if its the Ebola virus. Anyone who's been tainted is kicked off the island.

Someone with better baseball history knowledge needs to find out what happened to the 1965 Phillies and their roster. I'd really like to know.

Anonymous said...

That was a tough loss, Mets fans. Especially since my Phillies picked up another full game on your sorry squad. All I can say to you Mutt$ fans is this:




weesle909 said...

katherine, Wagner can look Perez in the face because he at least sucks it up when he's not doing well and muddles through. Perez gives up. Plus, Wagner is always there to take the heat after the game.

Folks, if you watched this game carefully you realize there were about TEN PLAYS that, had they gone differently, the Mets would have won.

(Beltran catching the fly to the wall... Castro throwing to third after the throw home from Reyes... Wright's smash getting past 3rd... Easley's smash getting past the SS... the chopper to Reyes being about 1 foot lower allowing the double play...)

On and on.

This was one weird game from that perspective.

Don't get me wrong. A 4-0 lead after a brilliant Santana game turning into a loss sucks.

But this game was cursed. I've been a fan for 40 years and I've never seen so many little things contribute to a loss.

Honestly, this wasn't that bad a loss.

I mean, we still suck, but not because of today.

The Metmaster said...

It seems sometimes you are a Yankee fan, and now when convenient, a Phillies fan. If the Mets played an Iraqi team you would probably post an item lauding the Taliban with your infantile bwahahahahs. If you indeed live in Philadelphia, how's that shadow that New York casts on your provincial little burg every day? How's it feel to wake up every morning knowing that you live in a second rate city, a place where scrapple is a delicacy, mustard on pretzels is haute cuisine, cheese steaks the bomb (it's the Cheese Whiz that makes it really sing!), and water ice a time honored secret recipe? Philadelphians are one tiny step above South Jersey bumpkins. Obnoxious buffoons. Caricatures of the pathetic pipsqueaks you always have been. WC Fields said it all on his tombstone: “Here lies W. C. Fields. I would rather be living in Philadelphia.” Bwahahah this you clown. Let's not forget that the Phillies set the record last year for losses for a pro sports franchise. I guess you have to be first for something.

fantasieryck said...


You need some new shtick, boss.

At least the Mets are finding creative and interesting ways to lose.

You've been like a scratched Hall and Oates record over and over with the "mutt$" with the dollar sign, and the "bwaahahaha" spooky laugh thing.


You don't even IDENTIFY yourself!

Should you not be proud of your identity and your city, known for it's culinary delights(Cheesesteak and Pork, wait-that's based out of Trenton) and well-mannered sports fans?

What of all those playoff games your team won last year? Stand tall, friend! Have another Tastykake! Nobody bakes a cake as tasty!

And if you're talking shit, do it with some STYLE! Come on, now... Make Von Hayes proud!

JAMMQ said...

Now Tim, murder is never an answer . . .

yet this team keeps finding different ways to kill the spirit.

JAMMQ said...


In case you haven't noticed the Mets have been finding new and excruciating ways to lose games since Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS.

To say this wasn't a bad loss is like saying things aren't so bad because at least I only pay $4.50 for a gallon of gas instead of $5.00.

MetFanMac said...

What I want Billy Wagner to do is call a press conference and say that every time he blows a save, he will allow one random Met fan to give him a punch in the jaw.

tim said...

First of all, murder is always the answer, especially if it mean muffling those who use the term bwah.

Jammq, I'm in total agreement. I had said a couple weeks ago how it's amazing that a single curveball could have the effect of a Mike Scioscia home run.

A note of irony, that particular curveball was thrown as we all know, by Adam Wainwright. Wainwright was a first round draft choice of the Atlanta Braves. Is it possible that the Braves, smarting from their 1969 loss to the Mets in the pennant have made it their mission to thwart us in anyway possible? I mean after losing in 1969 they hired the top experts in the field of genetics to create Larry "Chipper" Jones in 1972, his destiny to be a one man wrecking crew against the Metropolitans. Any thought?

Demitri said...

Ok metmaster - I am a Met fan living in the Philly burbs, so while I'm slightly offended by the anti Philly rant, I also see that you've done your research and you're pretty much dead on accurate.

I think that dude is a Yankee fan anyway and is therefore, has no room to comment on anything this season. As yankee fans always do, they will say something lame like how many championships they won. "Got Rings"? - get a life.

I did a little research last night into the Phillies "Phold" in 1964. On the last day of the season, the Phillies had lost 9 in a row and needed to win, and a Cardinals loss to win the pennant. They lost that 10th game of course, but a Cardinals loss would have forced a playoff.

So who did the Cardinals beat in game 162 that year? The Mets of course, 11-5.

weesle909 said...


Maybe I'm just getting used to it. The same way I'm used to the $4.50 gas...

But watch. We're gonna sweep this weekend's series.

The Metmaster said...


As a native New Yorker I am the first to admit our own obnoxious shortcomings. My apologies. (truth be known....the chese steaks are pretty damn good, Cheez Whiz and all!)

Unser said...

Does Castro have narcolepsy or something? I think he fell asleep again yesterday in the ninth when he was supposed to throw the ball to third base.

Let's hope we don't start singing "Helter Skelter" soon, although it looks like Tim may have already resorted to that.

Schneck said...

The Long and Winding Road tha-at leads to...

FIRING WILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Demitri said...

Billy Wagner's excuse:

"I've got BLISTERS on my Fingers!"

Jim said...

Everybody picks on Hall and Oates

I like pork roll

tim said...

I like Hall and Oates, but I also like that "blisters" reference.

I'm so blaise about the current fire Willie talk. I had already resigned myself to him staying the year that I don't know if I can go through this whole thing again. I mean, if he going to get fired, he gets fired at 6pm the latest. If not by then don't bother any message you ewre trying to send got lost on the way back from San Diego.

It's just all so exhausting, you know, the speculation and the killing and all.

katherine said...

In solidarity with Demitri, I will just say that I ADORE Scrapple.

Though when I eat it I can't decide whether I will die a quick death from coronary artery disease or a slow painful death from Mad Cow disease

Anonymous said...

Willie: Losing :: Baba Booey: Green Teeth

fantasieryck said...

I absolutely adore Hall and Oates, Pork Roll, Ween, Cheesesteak...I even like the city itself! I just wish someone could eviscerate our Mets with a faster, wittier machete. That was my point. "Private Eyes" is a masterpiece. No irony intended. And don't even get me started on the brilliance of "Rich Girl".

I look forward to Saturday's game, which I will be attending. Who knows what will happen when you mesh the Hamilton/Bradley soap operas, the return of Art Howe and our Mets together in the rotting memory cauldron of Shea..

Metstradamus said...

Rick, I'm with you. I like H&O ... they were my first concert, and I'm especially fond of cheesesteaks ... my wife wants be to go to another Phillies game just so I can bring a couple of Tony Luke's finest back home from the ballpark. Although lately I do feel a twinge of guilt every time I indulge in a cheesesteak from Shorty's, or from the local corner store (which isn't that bad.)

Josh Hamilton is the kind of story we wished Doc Gooden would have. And I think Milton Bradley is a fine human being and an excellent baseball player who is severely misunderstood. (There Milton, I said it. Now you have to hold up your end of the bargain and not climb the stands to attack me this weekend. We had a deal, remember?)

Metstradamus said...

But seriously, our team here in Queens could use a little Milton Bradley in our lives.