Saturday, March 08, 2008

World Still Spins On Its Axis As John Kruk Picks Mets To Finish Third

I guess the season can start now that John Kruk has become this season's Steve Phillips and has picked the Mets to finish third in the N.L. East during Friday's win against the Indians.

Will somebody tell baseball's Travelocity Gnome that the Braves have two starters over 40, and one starter who just had his 213th injury in the last two years?

And will someone tell him that Mike Pelfrey's astrological chart is foretelling a big season from him? Sheesh.

And ... AND! Somebody tell Krukkie that the Mets are feverishly trying to re-acquire Xavier Nady, or go get Marcus Thames at the low low price of Jorge Sosa and some Planters Sweet N' Crunchy Peanuts? Because forget Santana ... If the Mets get X-Man back, it's over. Do you hear me Kruk? Kruk! KRUUUUUUUUUK!!!


Oh never mind. I'm sick of arguing. Have another beer.


Andrew V. said...

Did you really expect him to NOT put the Phillies as #1?

Metstradamus said...

Nope. I've learned not to expect miracles.

Andrew V. said...

With this team, I think it's beaten into us daily.

Timothy said...

There's a grammatical error in your headline.
You wrote "World Still Spins On It's Axis As John Kruk Picks Mets To Finish Third"
"it's" is a contraction of "it is"
"its" is a possessive pronoun, which is what you should have used. By writing still spins on it's axis" you're actually writing "still spins on it is axis," which obviously cannot be correct.
And I don't mind what Kruk says. The division is decided by the current ballplayers, not former ballplayers, or anyone with a mouth.

upstate met fan said...

I bet Steve "I'm a pretty girl" Phillips was waving a cheeseburger in front of fatso's face to get him to say that.

Metstradamus said...


I really do check for that 99% of the time. Thanks for catching that.

Gonzo said...

Of course he made a ridiculous prediction. We all know the Mets will finish second.

BlueDog said...

Mr. one nut Kruk is a sick man. Remember his glory days with Nails and Darren...alcohol and steroid abuse, chasing women,gambling, DWI etc. (I kind of miss the good old days of baseball.) Oddly enough he would have fit in perfectly with the 86 team. But...why would any one take him seriously??!!??

Demitri said...

"Kruk, bloodsucker! Your going to have to do your own dirty work now! You've managed to kill everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you KEEP MISSING THE TARGET!"

Also - Shatner has much better teeth than Nimoy, as evidenced by your Wrath of Khan trademark shot.

Wait - am I commenting on the wrong blog? I thought I was on the