Sunday, March 09, 2008

Those Flashbacks Haven't Completely Gone Away

As I turned on the Mets game in the bottom of the fifth (it took an inning for me to remember that the Mets are actually aired on WPIX too), the score read as such:

Marlins 7
Mets 1

And it begged the question: Did by any chance those seven runs come in the first inning?

The answer: no. Mike Pelfrey gave up seven runs in three and 1/3 innings, which is three runs longer than it took Tom Glavine last September (and you thought progress was something you could only read about in books ... hah!) Pelfrey had his first spring clunker after two good outings. And while spring training is spring training, I actually acquired a thought about this (okay, I stole it from someone else). Could Pelfrey's step back have anything to do with working with Brian Schneider for the first time? No, I'm not suggesting that the two will fail to mesh this season, but is Pelfrey going to go through a few bad outings in the spring while getting used to the way Schneider calls a game? And is there a learning curve in the other direction?

More importantly, why ... if the Mets are getting shellacked on WPIX, can't I flip on SNY and see the game they're winning? You know, the one where Jorge Sosa threw three shutout innings against the Orioles and upped his trade value for a right handed hitting outfielder? Yeah, I missed that one.

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