Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slow Pitch

Has there seriously been talk of Barry Bonds being signed by the Mets?


All right, let's put aside the fact that after a full night of rooting for a Mets team with Barry Bonds as a member would dictate that you take a full scrub bath with iodine after leaving Shea Stadium at night. Put aside your moral qualms for just a second here: At this point what's left of his career, Barry Bonds is a softball player. He plays seven innings, he jogs around the bases, and defense is an afterthought. This is the best the Mets can do to replace Moises Alou?

I advocate a deal for Xavier Nady if that's what it comes down to. But ... if it's a softball player the Mets are after, they have other options. Let's look at some as we do our part to spare the Mets the P.R. nightmare and media coverage bloodsucker known as Barry Bonds:

Jennie Finch, USA: The conversation starts and ends here when it comes to softball players. Finch went 32-0 in 2002 for the University of Arizona, and 15-0 for the U.S. National team in 2004. She would immediately slide into the role of 5th starter for the Mets. And she solves the age issue as she's young enough to be Orlando Hernandez's grand-daughter.

Kaitlin Cochran, Arizona State: She's only a sophomore, but she's already demolished the record books in the Pac 10, with a slugging percentage of .838 and 35 HR's in 377 career AB's. In a sport dominated by pitching, this is an accomplishment. Two problems here though: She's a lefty, and her favorite team is the Dodgers ... which tells me that she'd want to play for a west coast team anyway.

Dusty Diamond, Nintendo: I'm still trying to figure out whether Dusty Diamond is real, or just an old Nintendo video game, but it's addicting nonetheless.

Les Nessman, WKRP in Cincinnati: The guy I really want is the guy from that softball episode who caught line drives at third base with a beer can in his throwing hand. But since we have David Wright (and since Bailey Quarters isn't available ... I asked), we'll take Nessman who made a spectacular catch to end the episode in right field.

Metstradamus, Hoffman Park: Admittedly, I'm way past my prime, which lasted about two days. But I'm right-handed, I once hit .400 in a season, and spent most of my time playing first base ... although I can spell Luis Castillo and David Wright once in a while. I even had a walk-off hit robbed from me as a speedy runner was inexplicably held at third on a single to center field.

And, I'm young enough to be Julio Franco's grandson.

Please submit your suggestions here.


Anonymous said...

As I recall - Metstradamus did have some pop in his bat as there was one game he hit a solo shot to left and doubled in two off the chain link fence. If memory serves me correctly - we were playing against the hosiptal workers during their lunch break. The sight of the hospital blue garbs has satyed with me all this time.

Not the best competition in the world but competition nonetheless.

thouarthailjohan said...

Well I'll admit this. Considering the fact that your Defense might be a tad bit better than Delgado's, & your clutchness is undenied, I have to consider you. How bout taking a minor league deal & attempting to beat out Angel Pagan for a roster spot?

Sounds good?

Though I'd trade you & El Duque to the Reds first thing in the morning.

Metstradamus said...

Hail Johan,

Cincinnati's fine ... my brother will let me sleep on the futon during homestands. But I'm not sure what in terms of value you would expect back for me and Orlando ... a year's supply of garlic wings from "Wings N' Rings", perhaps?

Nah, that might be too much.