Thursday, March 27, 2008

Everybody Limbo With Ruben!!!

Ruben Gotay suffers through waivers, presumably so that retread Fernando Tatis can get a chance make the team. This blogger is surprised to learn that Tatis is only 33, and not 43. And if this blogger hears the phrase "veteran presence" from Willie Randolph he will, in fact, puke.


whozgotnext said...

Between this organization's mismanagement of the disabled list (failing to put guys on the list who subsequently don't play for weeks at a time), and their continued curious moves with their end-of-roster spots - pitchers as well as position players, I can only shake my head.

Add to that Willie's insistence on going R-L-R-L in his lineup, but then refusing to consider even partial platoons for guys who have proven they can't hit one way or the other. Plus his season-long mismanagement of the bullpen - which, to me, was the real culprit behind the collapse.

I dunno, I dunno, I dunno. Tatis, huh? OK>

MetFanMac said...

I'm gonna miss that guy. Maybe he'll go to an AL team where he doesn't have to field.

QueensGuy said...

Sadly, he's going to the Braves, where he will presumably become the next Melvin Mora.

Anonymous said...

rotoworld said it best about tatis -

Fernando Tatis went 0-for-4 on Friday, leaving him 7-for-33 this spring.
Tatis has been talked up as a bench candidate in recent days, even though there's nothing new to support his case that wasn't there a month ago or even a year ago, when he spent all season in Triple-A. He has no homers and one walk in his 33 at-bats.