Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No, We Don't Play The Blue Jays This Season

Dear Armando,

Congratulations on finding work with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Just so you know, the Canadian dollar is worth just as much as the American dollar these days. This stringent exchange rate means that you will not suck any less than you did south of the International Boundary.

Oh, and you can no longer get good deals at the Big and Tall shop.



P.S. Baaaaaaaaalk, balk balk balk balk balk, baaaaaaaaaaaaalk!

I hold grudges. What of it?


upstate met fan said...

this is almost as funny as spitzer getting snagged by the feds. great stuff.

MatthewA said...

You should probably also let Benitez know that the exchange rate doesn't affect runners on base and they're all probably going to score on him.

MetFanMac said...

"Balk balk balk" should be filed under "Never Gets Old" for all eternity.
Curiously enough, my computer is giving me the word verification code BUOLKC. Coincidence?

Demitri said...

Benitez will do fine. Its unlikely he'll play in any high pressure games in Toronto.

Now, Kansas City or Tampa would be ideal.

Anonymous said...

Sweet chicken action.