Thursday, February 28, 2008

No, I Haven't Abandoned Ship

No, I'm not out for two weeks with a strained elbow.

No, I'm not hurting from head to toe.

No, I'm not searching for the magic scripture that will cement my status as "the blogger to beat".

Because how can I be the blogger to beat when the very thought of getting on an airplane occupies my mind to the point where I can't even center a post around a simple "Orlando Hernandez is old" joke. Right now, I'm the blogging equivalent of Rob Deer ... I can't seem to be able to put the bat on the ball. All because I've gotta ride on an airplane. I don't have a phobia or anything, I just plain don't like it very much ... especially those take-offs.

And I've got two trips this month!

But here's the good news: The first airplane ride, which is later today, is a good ol' fashioned spring training trip, culminating in a Sunday jaunt to see the beloved Mets take on the Dodgers in Vero Beach. And most likely, I'll have the trusty laptop with me. So at the very least, they'll be pictures galore to check back and check out (that is, if I still can't think of anything worth while to say.)

Enjoy. And if you're in Vero on Sunday, and you see a guy in a ratty looking Mets hat, say hello.

Bon Voyage.


tommy_calzone said...

You are not alone in your dislike for take-offs.

Enjoy your trip & fret not.

There will be much to write about this season so save your fingers for the long season ahead.

Metstradamus said...

Thanks Tommy!

Demitri said...

I'm driving down to St Lucie from PA, with a 2 yr old in a VW Jetta.

While I share your dislike of flying, I think I might like to trade places with you.

Good choice in Vero Beach. I wanted to make it there before the Dodgers pack it in but no such luck for me.

katherine said...

Demitri, good luck. Driving to Florida in a car with a 2 year old? If there had been cars in the 14th century, Dante would have made that the tenth circle of hell. Give me an unpleasant flight anyday.

Have fun, Metstradamus and Demitri! I am not going down til the 10th, so I guess I'll miss you.

Demitri said...

I'm down there the 24th so I'll miss everyone. If you are there, look for the totally overwhelmed guy in a rattier looking hat than Metstradamus has (mine is circa 1986 and is in danger of being declared a superfund site) chasing a 2 year old girl in her pink David Wright jersey.

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes: "It's not the take-offs you need to worry about, it's the landings!"

py said...

How long will you be down there? I'm taking the two little guys (3 and 4) and the wife, arriving on the 15th and staying for two glorious weeks, 15 minutes away from Tradition Field.

Katherine, I drove down once with my 16 year old daughter. Hell on wheels, literally. Never again.

Anonymous said...

To Metstradamus:

Enjoy your time with the crew. I wish I could have made it down with you guys but work has been busy. A good busy. Looking forward to hearing about your many adventures. Have a beer on me.


katherine said...

py, I have learned to fly down, not drive, but I still have to share a motel room, on the beach, for a week, with two sweaty, sandy, noisy, smelly, loud teenage boys.

fredstradamus said...

Remember, bro ... the most dangerous part of the flight is the drive to the airport!

Mazel tov ... wish I was with you!

Shell said...

AH I'm jealous of everyone on their spring training weekends this weekend. I've still got 3 weeks to go for my jaunt (9 games in 6 days!) I can't wait for the sun. Enjoy the weekend. Dodgertown is REALLY awesome and very small. The "dugouts" are just fenced in metal benches so if you have seats near it, the players are literally right in front of you. I was there last year on my spring training jaunt and had awesome seats.

Rickey Henderson said...

The blogger to beat indeed. Rickey measures himself up to you buddy. Keep up the strong work.