Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good News And Bad News

First the good news:

Not only have the Mets announced that the iconic Home Run Apple will make the trip from Shea to Shining Shea for the '09 season, they have announced that they have signed former Dodger Olmedo Saenz in hopes that he will be that right-handed pop off the bench.

Now the bad news:

The Mets planned a joint announcement to take place in center field with Saenz posing next to the giant apple. Saenz, who can best be described as "pleasingly plump", thought the apple was a real apple ... and ate it.

New Met Olmedo Saenz celebrates a big hit as a Dodger (with former Met Jeff Kent looking happy for his teammates as usual)


MetFanMac said...

This caught my eye in the linked article:
"He seemingly is fond of hitting in Shea Stadium, witness his .538 average and 1.077 slugging average in 13 career at-bats at Shea."

And also in a "Yeahbuwha?" moment, it's the TWINS who will employ Livan "The Other" Hernandez this season!

Patrick Hickey Jr. said...

Sorry to leave this in your comments, I just couldn't find your e-mail anywhere on the page.

My name is Patrick Hickey Jr. and I've been covering the Cyclones for over two years for NY Sports Day and a host of other publications. Today I just launched a new Sportsday Blog called Dem Brooklyn Bums, which will be sort of a supplement to my beat writing this season and should provide a front row seat to the action this season at Keyspan. I know the season doesn't start until June, but I figured I'd get started now and have done interviews with several Mets prospects [who happen to be former Cyclones of course] and should have plenty of material to keep you guys busy until the season starts.

Here's a link:


If you could throw that up on the site, I'd gladly throw a link to your on mine. I'd appreciate it very much.


Charity said...

My mom is making John and I a "Just Married" apple for our wedding. I will even move up and down.

I'm so effing excited.

The apple is my favorite part of Shea.

Now as long as they don't bring that crazy Dunkin' Donuts spinning cup...

Fredstradamus said...

He's 37, yet he looks older than Andres Galaragga! And "he shall be Livan, he shall be a Twinkie?" I didn't see THAT coming!

Anonymous said...

That Jeff Kent photo is classic.

He has that "Can we get this little party over with? I gotta go home and wash my truck" look on his face.

Statler said...

I have trouble distinguishing between Horatio Sanz and Olmedo Saenz, and there's not a jury on earth would convict me. [Admittedly, that's because it's not a crime to confuse fat people with each other.]