Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wherever You Go, There You Are

There are a lot of theories as to what happened to Jose Reyes down the stretch last season. One of them surrounds Jose Valentin being injured, therefore not being around to impart his wisdom to Reyes, much like Mike Brady would impart to his son Greg when he thought he could drop out of high school to pitch for the Dodgers. Well, what happened when Mike Brady wasn't around to mentor Greg in the final episode?

That's correct, Greg wound up with orange hair. This doesn't happen with Mike in the picture. Just like Jose Reyes doesn't go into a two month funk if Jose Valentin is around. To that end, the Mets have brought back Jose Valentin ... the Mets' Mike Brady.

"Because alone, we can only move buckets. But if we work together, we can drain rivers."

I don't know what is more insane, Jose Valentin being back on the Mets to be a constant reminder to Jose Reyes to eat his veggies and not swing at fertilizer in the dirt hereby becoming the highest profile baby-sitter in America, or Shingo Takatsu being back in the league.

It took Takatsu two years to get back to the majors, which is about how long it takes for one of his pitches to reach home plate (or that Miguel Cabrera double to stop rolling).


katherine said...

I am absurdly comforted by the return of Jose Valentin to the team. He has a kind of grizzled toughness to him that inspires confidence.

Like a battered wife with a black eye who tearfully withdraws charges against her totally unrepentant husband, I have just spent the last half hour in something called the "New York Mets Virtual Waiting Room" on waiting to buy tickets for a spring training game. What is wrong with me?

Mudville9 said...

Metsrta, a Brady Bunch reference? I guess I cant say anything since I've seen that episode. In so doing I have to correct you on something. "This doesn't happen with Mike in the picture." Well, that isn't Mike. Thats Don Drysdale. As for Valentin's influence over Jose, I think it's over-rated. Valentin hadn't been there most of the season and Jose seemed to do fine until September. I don't think another person giving him advice at that point would have made any difference to his slump. In so saying, I dont believe he is needed if thats all he's for. There's no room on the roster for him. He was slow and lacked range even before his ACL injury. Endy is the 4th outfielder, Marlon is the pinch-hitter deluxe, Easley is the right handed pinch-hitter, and Gotay is the backup infielder because he's the only one who can play short. With Castro that makes 5 bench players and thats all they carry. Just no room for a mentor for Jose. If anything they should have brought him back in as the firstbase coach instead of Nieto.

Metstradamus said...

Mudville 9,

I know full well that's Don Drysdale...that was the first episode that I referenced. No offense, but come on...if I can't tell Don Drysdale from Robert Reed then I don't deserve to have a blog.

The second episode with the orange hair was the one that Mike Brady was written out of because of Robert Reed's feud with Sherwood Schwartz. And that is what I meant by Mike not being in the picture.

And do you know how hard it is to find a picture of Robert Reed and Barry Williams and nobody else?


katherine said...

I think Valentin is a great addition - of all those players you mention, Anonymous, Endy is currently injured, and Moises, Luis and Ramon - all terribly injury prone, and who knows about Damion's ankle?. Remember the injury history of the outfield and at second base last year? And if Gomez is traded, then we wouldn't even have him as a back up. Anyway, I think I read that Jose V was given a minor league contract, so they can keep him in triple A til they need him.

Mudville9 said...

I figured as much. Just the way I read it I guess. I thought you meant that picture when you said "This doesnt happen with Mike in the picture." Honest mistake on my part.

Metstradamus said...


There are no mistakes. We're all winners.

Except Guillermo Mota.

Gonzo said...

@ KAtherine.

Yes it's true those players are injury prone. But why bring in a guy pushing 40 who just came off of ACL surgery to spell them ? it seems silly to me.

Unser said...

Remember MD, Willie says Takatsu can help a team because he's got "the funk".

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Robert Reed was actually a Shakespearean-trained actor?

Per Wikipedia: "Robert Reed became increasingly jaded about appearing in the series, as he felt that his Shakespearean training would mean nothing after being typecast in the 'Mr. Brady' role. He frequently fought with producers to make changes in the show's scripts in order to remove what he felt were unbelievable scenes or dialogue."

So to use the Mets' metaphor, Robert Reed would be the equivalent of Aaron Heilman, who is increasingly jaded about appearing in the bullpen and having his pitching talents wasted by Willie's unbelievable use of the bullpen.

Metstradamus said...

Coincidentally, Aaron Heilman has a dog named Tiger.

Not buying it? Would you believe a maid named Alice?

Anonymous said...

If you look closely, Rick Peterson does bear an uncanny resemblance to Alice the Maid.

Coincidence? I think not.

Metstradamus said...

Peterson is Mike Brady with the perm in the fifth season.

But I've never seen Julio Franco and Ann B. Davis in the same place at the same time. Have you?

Keep the conspiracies coming!