Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mets Already 0-1 In '08

I wasn't hopeful about The Celebrity Apprentice. Frankly I thought the show, which had lost steam after the bizarre season in Los Angeles and not being on the air in practically a full year, had no chance.

But with the dearth of programming on right now, and with nothing to do until Rangers vs. Canucks at 10:00, we gave tonight's premiere a whirl. And I have to say that this soothsayer was very pleasantly surprised. I mean, we're not talking about television that's going to make you reflect on your life, but in a "Celebrity Fit Club" kinda way, it works.

(Editor's Note: If you do plan on watching the show online or if you DVR'd the show, I'm not going to reveal which celebrity was fired, but there is a ... SPOILER ALERT BELOW!!!)

The teams, divided into men vs. women, had to sell hot dogs for their first task ... the team that made the most money won the match. The women's team, finally coming to their senses near the end, decided to use their celebrity to sell hot dogs and bottles of water for $5,000 a pop. Olympic softballer Jennie Finch just happened to have in her cell phone the phone number of a certain Mets third baseman to help out.

David Wright, as if he was wearing a cape and using his x-ray vision, bought out the hot dog cart near the end of the challenge and started passing out free hot dogs to help Jennie Finch lead her team to certain victory.

Umm, except for one thing: The Men's team already had Finch and Wright beat by about $40,000.

So April hasn't even arrived and the Mets are already 0-1 in 2008. So since September 12th, the Mets blew a seven game lead, had a terrible off-season, and their best player couldn't even lead a Celebrity Apprentice team to victory. This winter just keeps getting better and better. (Next month, see Ruben Gotay lose to Mario Lopez in the first round of "Danny Bonaduce's Celebrity Checkers".)

But at least we learned that David Wright is a charitable lad who's in Jennie Finch's Five. For that, we can be thankful.

Update: Thanks to a valiant reader, here's the clip:

(Editor's note: The Mets are now 0-2 all time in Apprentice episodes.)


Anonymous said...

thatta boy davey

tommy_calzone said...

too bad he couldn't bail Glavine out like that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review of the Apprentice. With the writers strike and the slow off season - we need a good "foot in the mouth show".

Gene Simmons is a hoot. That guy has more contacts then even Metstradamus.(Where did he get the kid with $10G's?) Gene would win but his straight forward laid back attitude will not fly with Donald when his ticks off his daughter.

Hey Metrstradamus how about putting up this trivia question for the New Year -

What does Gene Simmons (AKA Chaim Witz) have in common with Metstradamus?

Or you can always submit your guesses in this comment section. Either way the correct answer will be revealed the day after Gene gets fired - which may be next Thursday. Points will be awarded for creativity and correctness.

Fredstradamus said...

Ooh, ooh! I know the answer to that trivia question, but I'll keep it to myself. Fredstradamus is actually the answer to the same trivia question, plus one more re: Gene!

... but I'll leave it so the question is more difficult.

Nice, nice post, brother. See you next week!

Metstradamus said...

Outside of being in rock bands in high school, I'm thinking Chaim and I don't have much else in common.

I don't have millions of dollars.

My painted face isn't on lunchboxes.

I never had plastic surgery.

I don't have a "special arrangement" with Shannon Tweed.

However, when I was nine years old, I was Peter Criss for halloween. Next to Q-bert, it may have been my best halloween costume ever.

Anonymous said...

$5000 a hot dog? Still might be cheaper then the prices at Shea this year.

Demitri said...

maybe Jennie Finch could be 5th starter material. Could David swing an invite to spring training?

Metstradamus said...

Now I remember the answer. Yes, let's turn it into a poll question...

katherine said...

Metstradamus, what Ontario bar did you get thrown out of?

I would love to see Jennie Finch try out for the Mets (college career record of 50-12, with six perfect games, 13 no-hitters, 0.15 ERA and 784 strikeouts). Maybe if she were on the team, the SNY cameramen would pay more attention to the game, and we'd have less of the obligatory, gratuitous, lingering camera shots of busty blonde women in the stands.

tommy_calzone said...

Man, could imagine Keith's reaction in the booth to a girl in uniform, on the mound and gasp! in the dugout!?


THAT would be must see/hear TV.

fredstradamus said...

Dude, if faithandfear can make those great t-shirts, I don't see why Abby can't have her own Uncle-Metstra lunchbox (along with a matching Thermos).

You wouldn't want to make your niece cry, would you? Get on that, boy!