Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Parallel Shoes

The way that New York Rangers defenseman Marek Malik has been booed out of the Garden this season, the prevailing thought in my head lately has been that Malik has become Guillermo Mota on skates.

With Endy Chavez's new two-year contract secured, a similar link has made itself evident: Chavez is Sean Avery in cleats.

You may say that Sean Avery has never had a catch like Endy Chavez had. Others may say that Endy Chavez has never had a catch like Sean Avery had. The similarities don't end there. The Rangers were 21-6-6 after acquiring the sandpaper game of Avery, and were 12-5-1 with Avery in the lineup before he was injured around the start of 2008. The Mets, meanwhile, were 45-26 in '07 with Chavez in the game at some point. Without? 43-48. Both do the little things that help their team win, yet both have battled injuries lately that have limited their effectiveness.

But just as the Rangers are a different team without Avery in the lineup, it was painfully obvious that the Mets were a different team without the late inning defensive heroics, the basepath speed, and the occasional 3-for-4 of Endy Chavez. So even though Chavez has received a deal with as many years as injured hamstrings, I'm sure you'll agree that Endy Chavez in the fold is necessary, even at the risk of having to deal with chronically debilitated hamstrings which possibly (maybe even realistically) could mean that Chavez may never be quite the same player again.

Now if we can get Endy to do some push-ups at home plate after hitting a home run, then the similarities would be creepy. Though I sincerely doubt that Endy Chavez will ever be the most hated man in baseball as Avery is in his sport. Besides, the Mets are already the most hated team in baseball ... but that's just in Hanley Ramirez's house.


Ed the Gent said...

Endy is too much of a saint to be likened to Sean Avery. But your comparisons got me thinking: Who would one liken to Brian Schneider? Mitch Fritz?


Metstradamus said...

Good call. I hope at 6'7" that Fritz hits more than Schneider.

Gonzo said...

in clsing, Endy Chavez is the ANTI-Sean Avery.

Nice post though.

Demitri said...

I don't know anything about this sport to which you refer that involves a lot of ice, a round rubber object and a lot of violence.

Though after the 07 mets season, I think I should look into some of these other sports that are played November through March

Big Mac said...

Wait a second, I just found out that the Mets landed Santana, and it wasn't from your blog? Slacker.

Anonymous said...

WHERE IS THE SANTANA POST? Or did this acquisition come two years too late...hence the disapointment? Is this the Met Hershel Walker trade? The only reason that they are getting him versus the Yanks and Sox is that they are desperate to fill in the rotation and that they are willing to give up the farm. If this went to seasons end, there is no way they would get him. Very good pickup but they had no choice and will pay through the nose for him.

tom said...

Superb catch !!! I think he wear jumping shoes that’s why he jump so high. Any ways nice post.