Saturday, January 05, 2008

If Wayne Gretzky Can Be Traded...

This came in to the L.A. Times mailbag:
"Any chance the Angels can go after David Wright? I know he's almost untouchable, but the Mets need pitching, and we have it, as well as a lot of good young players. Wayne Gretzky was thought to be untouchable with the Edmonton Oilers, so why not go after Wright?"
My quick answer to that is that the murder rate for New York City is down to a 40-year low. If David Wright were to be traded, it would send the violent crime rate in another direction. Probably not murder, but imagine a Mets front office member, a bottle of Tabasco sauce, a mortar and pestle, and a branding iron. Conservatively, there would probably be 'bout 2,000 accomplices to that crime.

But the real point here is that, if I'm not imagining anything, David Wright just got compared to Wayne Gretzky. That should tell you something about what they think of Wright somewhere other than New York. For even David Wright, that's some high praise. Hopefully, the comparisons between Wright and Gretzky end with both being excellent at their sport, and will never share the distinction of being traded at the height of their careers in trades that make people drop their jaws to the floor.

But will there be a day where Fred (or Jeff) Wilpon becomes the next Peter Pocklington, and trades perhaps the best third baseman in Mets history for Jimmy Carson and Martin Gelinas (or Bartolo Colon and Hideo Nomo)? Will we see, one day, David Wright wiping tears at a podium muttering "I promised Jose I wouldn't do this?"

Seriously: assuming that Wright continues the path of production he's on now, and considering what you know about the history of this Mets franchise (there was a time when trading Tom Seaver was unthinkable), the history of the Wilpons, and the unpredictable nature of sports, do you see a day where David Wright wears another uniform? And I'm not talking about Wright playing for the Las Vegas Marlins when he's 39 and is hoping for one last grab at glory ... I'm talking about David Wright in his prime say, 31 or 32, right around that unrestricted free agent age, holding up another uniform at a podium? I know what your preference would be. But what do you think? Via the comment option, the forum is now yours.

Keep in mind: "If Wayne Gretzky can be traded ..."


Andrew V. said...

If Wright ever dons another jersey, I will cry like a baby.

MetFanMac said...

You will not be alone, Andrew.

Gonzo said...

Off the top of my head, do Reyes, Wright and Beltran have contracts that expire in the same year ? maybe 1 year difference ?

If the Mets havent even gotten to the Series by that time, I can see 2 of those 3 gone by then.

Melvin said...

Here's what would more fitting for the Mets franchise: We trade Wright to Tampa for Kazmir in a three way trade with the Yankees who send, say a single A pitcher to Tampa and get Wright. Kazmir then breaks his pitching hand and is out for the season and is never the same after he comes back and Wright goes on to win the WS with the Yankees as their 3rd baseman (A-Rod would be long gone by then). This is year 2012.

Think about that for a moment and try going to bed. That's right, you wouldn't be able to sleep.

KingmanFan said...

After 6/15/77, anything's possible. Imagine, Jose has filled out and lost some range and is more suited towards 3B, and some big-time SP is on the block? Stranger, stupider things have happened.

It would be so nice if just once the Mets hold on to an all-time great (assuming he continues this path) for the bulk of his career, maybe even goes to the HOF with a Met hat on his plaque.