Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Old Money

So what does having your own network, a year of playoff revenue, and the richest naming rights deal in history buy you these days?

Not Tom Glavine, apparently...who still finds it necessary to think about returning to the Atlanta Braves to be with his family for less money, less of a chance to reach 300 victories, and less of a chance to reach the postseason.

Not Chad Bradford...who is apparently on his way to the worst run organization in baseball from an ownership standpoint for a three-year deal.

Hell, it might not even get you Kei Igawa.

Is this what we are reduced to these days? Kei Igawa?

It's getting ridiculous out there folks. You've got all of these wannabes paying out this funny money to pitchers like Adam Eaton for eight million dollars a year, which is one million more than the amount of victories he had in '06.

Or how about Danys Baez, who's going to get six million dollars a year to be a set up man?

The Mets? In this era of insane prices for pitching, not only have they been watching the parade of crazy go by so far, but they could actually lose a pitcher for the lure of less money (why must the Gods of Irony torture me?) Meanwhile, team Wilpon has all this money stashed behind the concession stands in the upper deck waiting to be spent, yet there's no word of Omar Minaya sitting down to a traditional California thanksgiving meal consisting of Greek spinach pie and malt liquor flavored cous cous with Barry Zito.

At this rate, they're going to have to bring back Turanga Leela (who ironically pitched with Kei Igawa in winter ball).

Oh, I forgot, there's the forty-year old outfielder that'll no doubt need doggy steps just to get to the plate by the end of August (if Steve Bartman doesn't bash his knees in first).

But look at the bright side, there's a brand new ballpark on the horizon ready to take in more cash to not spend.

Omar, start the insanity!


Mike said...

I agree. If the baseball economy is inflated, then be damn glad you've got more of those over-valued greenbacks than everyone else.

Well, except for George, Fromar (Omed?) have the most.

Start Spending, boys. It's the Holiday Season!

Anonymous said...

Omar will spend. We shall have a Barry Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah.

He will swing a trade for another starter to replace Glavine.

Alou will be fine. Metstra, even though he played 98 games, he put up MUCH better numbers than the beloved Uncle Cliffy. And he is only signed for one year. Edny will spell him, as will Johnson, and even Milledge, assuming he is still here.

I wanted no part of Eaton, or Wolf. Let the other teams snap up the dregs now. It reduces the bidders for the better players. Meaning in the end, Omar spends a little less.

Padilla anyone, if a trade is not available?

Unser said...

Amen, brother. The fact that Glavine has taken this long to make a decision puts him down a peg in my book. I understand that a player has the right to take offers and make decisions based on family needs, but this is ridiculous. It's almost December - he should have made up his mind within a week after season's end. Clearly, he'd rather play for Atlanta.

Chad - say it ain't so. Looks like Bert may be here in 2007 too.

And the Alou deal still makes no sense to me. How about signing Delucci (who just signed with Cleveland for $4 million), platoon him in left with Johnson or Milledge (if he's still around), and throw some big bucks at Zito?

There had better be a deal in the works for some top line pitcher who can throw 200 innings (Peavy?). I cannot bear the thought of another season where Willie scrapes around for the next day's starting pitcher.

Unser said...

Just saw that Cleveland is signing Delucci for THREE years $11.5 million. Are they crazy? Ixsnay on my proposed Delucci acquisition.

beezermess said...

Alou just gotten hurt in the bathroom peeing on his hands...it caused a "stinger" and he will be out of action for four weeks....
Ed...I know you are full of optimism, partly because the Isles have exceeded your early expectations (let's see what happens with them with Yashin out)and partly because the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets 6-5 record looks a helluva lot better than my Giants but we need to stop smoking crack...
The Mets have money and they need to use it...I know that you have said that Soriano was not worth that money, but Carlos Lee, who got $100 million for 6 years is a better buy...and now we hear that Manny can be had on the cheap...but here is the problem...all of baseball realizes that the Mets put too much stock on Milledge (the Mets putting too much stock on prospects...sounds familiar i.e. Jefferies, Gregg) and now with the signing of Alou (who is the Right-handed version of Floyd), Baseball executives know that the Mets have no faith in Milledge playing
everyday...which means his trade value SUCKS! We also have to stop putting way too much faith on Endy Chavez...one catch and he is an icon...he did fail to bring in runs with the bases loaded twice in game 7, right?
The Mets, in my opinion, have a failing grade in this offseason...we can not worry about Glavine at this moment...what the Mets needed to do is make sure the bullpen (which was our stength) stays intact...instead...
Bradford: on his way to a romantic meeting with Anna Benson on the Baltimore piers
Mota: "My wife gave it to me and told me it was vitamins"
Heilman: "Should I Start or should I go?"
What the Mets should have done was to get an another bat (right-handed) because of our ineptness in hitting southpaws....so instead of going after Soriano or Carlos Lee (did you see the stats, Ed?), they decide that Moises Alou is the answer and according to Omar, he was tops on their list...
"He will swing a trade for another starter to replace Glavine."
With what? Who is he going to trade? Their best blue-chip prospect has no trade value...and right now, our rotation is:
Oliver Perez
John Maine
Orlando Hernandez
Not quite itimidating...and don't mention Pedro because he is not coming back until August at the earliest....
I am starting to really get that sick feeling that after two years of spending money...to get two players, we are becoming gun shy again.....

The Metmaster said...

One thing to keep in mind my brothers. So far, nobody else in the division has improved themselves. The Phillies wanted Soriano bad. I would have worried if they got him to bat around Howard. It's early. People's Thanksgiving dinners are barely digested.

Coop said...

C'mon guys...RELAX (don't do it!). I'm getting antsy too, but let's face it - in 2-3 years, Omar will look like the absolutely genius he is for not making a deal simply to make a deal. When Sori is looking like the worst signing ever, Carlos Lee gets fatter, and Dice_K gets blasted by the Yanks, we will be sitting pretty on our hills of cash, waiting to be thrown at Verlander and the like. Yeah I can dream, but I am totally not sweating the plethora of non-moves. Just keep in mind everyone, this is Omar's M-O. And he makes us eat crow every time.

As for our pitching, we got by on smoke and mirrors last year, we did pretty. Yes, losing Chad brad to the O's stinks, but he faces tougher competition in the AL East and if he is just going for years...well, bye bye Chad.

Our starters are not BAD folks. Signing Duque was a good move, plus we've got Maine, Oh-Pea (who mark my words will be a CY candidate next year), Trachsel (just kidding), plus we've got a bunch of back-end rotation guys who can keep Pedro's spot warm while he recovers...Bannister, Pelfrey, Humber, heck even Dave Williams. If we get Zito, even without getting Glavine back, we'll be OK.

As for trades - I think FLorida is willing to part with some of their pitching not named Dontrelle Willis. They've expressed interest in trading Johnson. I like their pitching staff. They've got a lot of young blood.

And I think Alou will go down as one of the inconspicuous signings of the year. I see him coming up huge in some key games next year. Also, we can get the younger guys in there when he needs to sit, as Ed from Westchester says.

We'll be fine folks. We'll be fine.

WD to Evers to Chance said...

Boys, boys. Settle down here. I'd like to remind all of you what has dominated the playoffs for the last few years. It's not overpriced half-baked relievers. It's not right-handed outfielders making $14 million per year. And it's certainly not money thrown around just because it's there (see: Sox, Red; Angels of Anaheim, LA; and Cubs, Chicago). What has it been? Young pitching. And we've got a ton of it.

Maine, Humber, Bannister, Pelfrey, O. Perez, Williams, and Soler. If that group of pitchers doesn't make you smile, nothing will. I'm not saying they are all No. 1 starters -- hell, maybe non of them will be -- but I'd be shocked if we can't build a rotation out of those 7 plus El Duque and, assuming he wants some $'s and to win, and a certain former A's pitcher. But even if everything falls apart and the Mets sign NO ONE ELSE this off-season, you still gotta have faith in Minya. Plus it's Christmas... and Santa will deliver something nice for us.

Anonymous said...

beezermess- yep, I saw the stats for Lee. I also saw Lee's weight, listed at 240 lbs, which is low if you look at recent pictures. Many, and I mean MANY people are talking about how bad that signing was, considering he is a butcher in the field, and is going to make $16.6 M per year. Sorry, a lot of money for a guy who is headed to DH land.

Manny? Please, the guy asks out of games, and had knee issues last year. He is a malcontent. A lot of people were annoyed Uncle Cliffy was let go because of his clubhouse persona, and do not like Milledge because of his 'tude, yet we should trade for Manny?

Alou in 98 games had 22 hrs, 74 RBI 25 doubles and hit 301. Cliff Floyd, in 97 games, 11 HR, 44 rbi, 19 doubles and hit 244. He is a much better right handed version of Cliff Floyd. Alou for one year is a good signing.

As for Mets overvaluing prospects, a lot of teams do that. Speaking of overvalued prospect, I give you Yusimero Petit, who failed last year, after being labeled by many as a great prospect. As for Milledge, the kid is 22, shall we give him a little time maybe? After all, he had little AAA time before being called up.

It is November. It is early. GM Meetings start Monday.
If in March, we have the same rotation and issues, then I will worry, but not now.

I agree with The Metmaster and Coop.

beezermess said...

WD to Evers to Chance:
Maine, Humber, Bannister, Pelfrey, O. Perez, Williams, and Soler...
You are comfortable with this group...
Maine: Jekyll and Hyde this year...was awesome (his shutout streak) or he stuggled to get to the fifth inning
Humber: not ready yet
Bannister: my hamstring hurts, which knocked him out for the entire season
Pelfrey: still needs seasoning, will be ready in Sept. of 2007
Oliver Perez: the most ready and promising of the bunch
Williams: not enough to warrant being mentioned
Soler: you are kidding, right?

I know that you are wishing on a star when you say that Soriano will be the worst signing ever...Once the wind blows out in Wrigley in May, he will be dominant..do not be surprised if he hits 50 and with ease...and if we have to wait to use the money on Verlander, than we have more issues than we thought.
I also want you to keep this in mind...Pedro is expected to come back in August...it usually takes a full year to comeback and he has stated that if he feels he can't do it, he will retire...Minaya needs to treat this off season like he does not have Martinez or Glavine...he needs Zito NOW...
Ed: Again, I would rather have Carlos Lee and his 275 lb. frame hitting 30-40 homers and driving in 110-125 RBI than not. I rather have Manny and his "me-first" attiude because it comes with 145 RBI than hope for Milledge to happen. They needed an outfielder for the long haul to go with their nucleus of Beltran, Wright and Reyes...and we are going to have to deal with this issue again two fold because both Alou and Green will be FA's. You are also giving me Floyd's stats as opposed to Alou but we all know what he did when healthy:
150 GMS
550 AB
85 R
150 Hits
22 2B
2 3B
34 HR
98 RBI
63 BB
98 K
12 SB
2 CS
.273 AVG
.358 OBP
.505 SLG
.863 OPS

Floyd was hurt for the better part of his time here in NY, but he is as tough as nails and he played hurt almost every day...and he is going to be 34...not 41...
I also know that every MLB team "overvalues" their prospects...the difference is that with the Mets it is always magnified because of the "Generation X" fiasco...
My point is that the Mets need to play for the now and they need major strides right now...I am worried now...I do not want to go into March like this.

Coop said...

Hey Beezermess, I don't doubt that the Sori signing will look like a genius move when - as you say - the wind starts blowing there in Wrigley. But I am talking 4, 5 years from now, when he can't carry the team anymore. The dude is getting a bigger contract than Beltran is nowhere near beltran quality.

If this was 2 years ago, the Mets would have had to do the same thing. But right now, I am content that they didn't make idiot moves. They don't have to! These other teams (O's, Cubs) have to.

Pedro is slated to be back by ASB, yes, and he has stated that he would consider retirement if he's not up to snuff. The dude has integrity so I don't blame him for saying that. But in other news, he might take a crap if he eats too much fiber. Saying that is just media fodder, which he likes to do (who's your daddy anyone?) - there is also a chance Pedro comes back better.

I also don't disagree with your assessment about Zito. He will be a Met.

I also liked your assessment on Maine - personally, I think he's trade bait.

Anonymous said...

beezermess - I loved Cliffy. The fact is, as you noted, he was healthy 1 year. Otherwise he was hurt. Last year was the first time Alou played fewer than 120 games since 1995. He played 123 in 2005, hitting 321 with 19 hr on a mediocre SF squad. So he is a guy who is going to play a lot of games. I'm not saying he is a long term fix, but a nice stop gap, rather than overpaying for a Soriano, who had a career year, playing for a contract. How would he react to the booing if he struggles in NY?

Lee has nice numbers, but if he trends up in weight, Omar would get KILLED for signing him for that money.

You mention needing a guy for the long haul, yet you note Manny, who has two years left at $17 million, and he is 34, not exactly young.

As for another young guy, Carlos Gomez or Freddy Martinez may be around in 2008, or may be trade bait by then.

A lot of teams are overpaying right now, for mediocre guys. Omar is right to sit on the sidelines.

I'm not counting on Pedro, personally. If he can come back, gravy. If not, so be it. Omar needs to (and I think will) plan accordingly.

I agree, he needs to keep Bradford. He needs to keep an eye on the trade market, looking to upgrade the rotation and the outfield.

I agree, I don't want to be in this place in March. But I have faith Omar will do something. He has the last couple of years.

I wonder who is a free agent in 2007 for the outfield?

beezermess said...

Soriano started his career in NY and has played in many big games here and also hit a HR off of Schilling in Arizona in game 7 of the 2001 WS...he also played in Japan where they are highly critical of the American players, so I do not think a little booing would bother him...
I keep harping on Alou because he will be 41 in 2007...I understand he is a stop gap, but even you have to notice a trend...123 games in 2005 and 98 last season...
34 million for two years with his resume is a bargain for Manny...and maybe you could be right on Lee, but he is worth the investment...he is 31 years of age (in June of 2007).

Anonymous said...

beezermess - when did Soriano play in Japan?
As for the booing, it would be different now than then. With that contract, we are talking Beltran level boos.
It's all academic in any event, he is a Cubbie.

I see your point, really, I just don't think the cost is worth it for either him or Lee.

Alou is a good contact hitter with pop. He slots in nicely in the 6 spot. Even if he plays 130 games, with Edny and Johnson, there is sufficient backup.

I think we need to give Omar a little time.

The Metmaster said...

Just an fyi of what the free agent class looks like next winter. Age in 2008 in brackets.

1. John Smoltz (41)
2. Michael Young (31)
3. Carlos Zambrano (27)
4. Joe Nathan (33)
5. Mariano Rivera (38)
6. Chris Carpenter (33)
7. Jorge Posada (36)
8. Curt Schilling (41)
9. Bobby Abreu (34)
10. Ichiro Suzuki (34)
11. Andruw Jones (31)
12. Carlos Guillen (32)
13. Jeff Kent (40)
14. Mike Lowell (34)
15. Vernon Wells (29)
16. Jason Jennings (29)
17. Jake Westbrook (30)
18. Ivan Rodriguez (36)
19. Trevor Hoffman (40)
20. Freddy Garcia (32)
21. Kenny Rogers (43)
22. Torii Hunter (32)
23. Jason Isringhausen (35)
24. Omar Vizquel (41)
25. Marcus Giles (30)
26. Eric Byrnes (32)
27. Paul Lo Duca (36)
28. Bob Wickman (39)
29. Corey Patterson (28)
30. Adam Dunn (28)
31. Randy Johnson (44)
32. Scott Linebrink (31)
33. Doug Davis (32)
34. Michael Barrett (31)
35. Milton Bradley (30)
36. Jon Lieber (38)
37. David Eckstein (33)
38. Aaron Rowand (30)
39. Juan Uribe (29)
40. Bartolo Colon (35)

MrMetismydad said...

Screw Tom Glavine if he doesn't re-sign with the Mets. If it's taking him this long to make his mind up, it's pretty clear he doesn't want to be a part of "something exciting going on here". The Braves??? C'mon man. Garbage. And so is he if he goes back.

As far as non-Met free agent signings go, patience is the key here. Gary Matthews Jr - $50 Mil for 5 years? That's just where things are this year and agents are going to use that as bait for teams with boatloads of money, i.e. The Mets. Omar's gonna make good moves this winter. You'll see.

Sweet Lou said...

I think its ok if the Mets are on the sidelines while these sub-par signings are being made. The only one of any significance was Soriano. He has proven that he can 40/40 in small and big markets and he'll likely do well for the Cubbies over the next five years (an eternity in baseball). Would the Mets be better if he were in left versus Alou? Absolutely. Is the offense the biggest priority right now? No.

Its the same story as last season. The bullpen looks ok even without Bradford...but the starting pitching is still very suspect. In March and April of 2006, writers on this blogsite were forecasting "what do we do if Trachsel starts Game 3 of the World Series"? Well, the Mets didn't get that far but their worst nightmare came true on that against St. Louis. Pedro is out and Young Guns II is a sequel that is unproven at the box office yet. Glavine, aside from last year, was a failure in NY. His record speaks to that. He'll go into the Hall as a Brave so who cares about his 300th win in NY? Do you really care? Has any other player won a 300th in a Mets uniform? Is that why people care?

El Duque is crafty but he's old.

The Mets are putting all their stock in Zito and the Rick Peterson connection. With Jason Schmidt looking at the Cubs and the Marlins never dealing in-division.....the Mets have all their marbles tied up in this signing. There is no other proven guy out there that can be your ace while Pedro is out.

As for the comments about the rest of division not improving themselves. True. And Metstra will come on in March and boldly predict that the Mets will repeat as division champion. Who cares! You need to worry about the world champion Cardinals, the much improved Cubs, the Dodgers, Padres, and Reds. Its the out of division opponents that will take you out come playoff time (like they did this year).

If you get Zito...merry christmas. If not...coal.

fred said...

Jeez, I make one Spanakopita for Thanksgiving -- okay, two -- and it's all over the web!?!

Malt liquor flavored cous-cous, eh? Can you send the recipe?

Anonymous said...

This is the offseason to do as little as possible...no long term deals for overpriced average players. The Mets have made the only rational signings so far...and still have the best talent in the league going into 2007.

Anonymous said...

How much is Traschel worth in this market?

jdon said...

no way i give bradford 3 years. moises isa good 1 year sign if he is standing at playoff time. i was glad to see the phils sign eaton. i have him pencilled in for the DL by May. Actually, he doesn't go on the DL. He goes on the injured reserve list. i really do not feel that they have missed out on anybody yet. omar will give zito a fortune and still try to trade for a pitcher at the winter meetings. a final note: i have this crazy feeling omar will make a pitch for manny. didn't alou play right last year? Because bonds was slower than he was? i don't say i want it but omar may not be able to resist. It could be someting in his chromosomes. The yearly pitch for manny.

k. said...

Omar can do or not do what he wants. Just get Zito. I feel sorry for Jose Reyes--one of the best players in the game--and the heart of the Mets-- earning lunch money compared to what some scrubs all over MLB are now earning. Wright? Feel less sorry for him, since he can make a fortune doing ads. When Reyes' contract is up--and he'll still be a kid by today's standards--he's gonna jump ship out of resentment. 2006 Chemistry? Hearing now on WFAN that Bert is jumping ship, too. No great loss, more an annoyance. The trade Iw ant to see: In 2007, I want to see the Mets trade an elitist, Dodger-centric pretentious ballpark for a nice 55,000-seat stadium with $10 tickets.