Friday, December 01, 2006

And, They're Off!

So Barry Zito finally makes an appearance in the off season script, visiting with the Texas Rangers on Wednesday.

Outside of Zito's 11-1 career record at the home run haven known as Arlington Stadium (actually, it's called something else but I have no idea what it is, and frankly I don't feel like looking it up. Whatever corporation the stadium is named after is just going to have to deal with it...I'm sure they're going to lose sleep over that lost revenue), what could drive Zito to Texas?

Is it the barbecue?

You know what bothers me? It bothers me that everything is being done on Scott Boras' timeline. Used to be that GM's could be aggressive and go after the guys they want right away, just as Joe Torre did with Mike Mussina just hours after the 2000 World Series ended. Now, it's the agents such as Boras who are writing the scripts, and setting the timeline. Omar Minaya, probably in response, smartly is holding back his interest so as not to tip his hand. The fact that it's now December and there has been no chatter linking Barry Zito to the Mets (or to anybody until hours ago), causes me to turn on the shower while still dressed and rock back and forth in the crash position...but Omar's hands are sort of tied in this case, and he's playing it right. He'll get his chance.

And when he does, I suggest that Omar mentions Spanky's BBQ in Times Square during his wooing of Zito, if indeed Barry likes barbecue. They have a pig...on the menu.

A pig...on the menu. Barbecue doesn't get much more authentic than that, my friends.


Wouldn't it be just hilarious if the Mets lost Zito to barbecue, and Tom Glavine to less money?

No it wouldn't. But we're going to find out soon, aren't we? And it provides me a cheap segueway.

Tom Glavine once had a run-in with Joe Beningo of WFAN. Not many people know about it, because Glavine himself didn't make a huge deal out of it. Beningo, during one of his classic Mets rants, railed on Glavine for a number of reasons...including a charge that Glavine wasn't trying.

The next time the two were in the same building, Glavine...from what I understand...pulled Beningo aside and told him that it was OK to berate him for sucking. But he did have an issue with Beningo with saying that Glavine wasn't trying. Beningo understood and that, proverbially, was that. Glavine's handling of the situation was textbook.

It was a textbook that Michael Strahan should read.

Michael Strahan may be the single season "sack king", but his media friendly persona is as phony as his Brett Favre enabled record.

Oh yeah, he's great with the media when it's his weekly appearance on "Best Damn Sports Show" where can he show off that those pearly whites that Moses parted...or when he does his regular WFAN spot that he's likely compensated for monetarily (as Paul Lo Duca was with his spot), where he finds it necessary to throw Plaque-sico Burress under the team bus. But when it comes to the lunchpailers like Kelly Naqi (who's about the size of a Michael Strahan Scooby Snack) merely asking the questions she's supposed to ask, then it's time to put the Lincoln Tunnel Smile on the shelf and let loose on the media and lecture them on how to do their job. (It's also not the first time this so called "leader" has let loose on the lunchpailer media.) Yup, that's a leader for you.

So Glavine, a class act in his time here to this point, might leave...yet New York is stuck with Strahan. Aren't we lucky. (Editor's note: For once, we are lucky.)


Allow me to ask a totally unrelated question.

When the Chicago Bulls hit the 100-point mark against the Knicks on Tuesday, and everyone who attended the game got a free Big Mac, does that mean Stephon Marbury gets one too?

Well, he helped.


Unser said...

Or Tennessee Mountain in Soho - great BBQ ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. Blue Smoke and Brothers BBQ ain't bad either.

So today's the day when I decide whether I hate Tom Glavine or not? If he seeks to delay this even further, by waiting to see if Schurholtz can trade Hudson or otherwise free up some cash, Omar shoud bid him adieu and blow Zito away with an offer. If we lose Glavine, we're at DefCon 1.

Anonymous said...

We need Zito.
I am OK with what Omar has done so far, but if he does not get Zito, I will panic.
I know Boras is busy with the Matzusaka stuff, but still, Omar could at least place a freaking phone call.

beezermess said...


1. The Ballpark in Arlington is now called Ameriquest Field....

2. I am not worried that Zito is visiting the Rangers, as this was a courtesy for Ron Washington, former third base coach for the Athletics...

3. If Glavine leaves for less money, than so be it....but Zito must be signed, sealed and delivered...
Jason Schmidt offered 3 years and $44 million to sign with the Cubs...are you telling me the Mets could not do that either?

4. Joe Beningo is a horse's ass...I love him because he loves the Mets and Rangers, but because he roots openly for the Jets...he is an ass...just like you...

5. We are stuck on Strahan? You are not stuck on Strahan and if you had a pass rusher as successful as him in the last 10 years, things would be different in Hofstra....I do not agree with Strahan throwing Plaxico under the bus, but the facts are this..they are saying things that us fans are saying, the only difference is they are in the public eye and it is shown all over ESPN...and if he is getting compensated, it is only because he has to finish paying for his wife's divorce attorneys...

Last but not least, You are a Celtics not throw "Starbury" under the bus...He is already doing it himself and he is taking the dumbest GM and Coach in the NBA with him...

MrMetismydad said...

1. Basketball sucks.

2. Strahan can say/do whatever the hell he wants - he's a big boy. Who's gonna stop him?

3. Scott Boras is a schmuck.

4. Who cares if Glavine signs or not. Yeah, he's been classy in his time here, but does that really matter? Until last year, he did nothing as a Met. I paid money to watch him win on opening day 2003 - got blown out by Corey Patterson and the Cubs 15-2. That's not to say that it was entirely his fault, but enough that he was supposed to be the "ace" we were looking for and I could not help but feel in my gut that this was a showing of things to come.

5. Zito must be signed.

6. As strange as it sounds, I am not so worried about the Mets young pitching. For example, look at what John Maine and Ollie Perez did during the playoffs - all under pressure. You could not have asked for much more. I was as shocked as I was pleased with them and if one or both start the season in the rotation, cool.

Omar is the man - the offseason is unfolding slowly, but I bet the Mets will come out of it looking like the best, yet smartest team.

Metstradamus said...

Beezermess, AKA "Hump"

1. I don't care.

2. er, uh...I don't care.

3. Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you. In fact, I've told you since the summer that Schmidt isn't going to the east coast, and his agent said it last week. Why you and your thick skull don't listen to me I don't know.

4. Why must you hate Beningo? Is it that dark chi you're known for?

5.'re stuck. His play on the field is irrelevant. Why is he still doing interviews on WFAN while missing the last six games besides the fact that he's a spotlight whore? Because he's a leader. And as a leader, it's his responsibility to keep the team's dirty laundry off the air. And it's also his responsibility not to attempt to intimidate women one-third his size when he doesn't have the guts to talk to Plaquesico until he was called out. In other words, he as a leader should know better. I have no use for him, which is slightly less than the use I have for you.

P.S. When are the Knicks trading Boobury for a ham sandwich so they can be a somewhat decent team already?

albertsonmets said...

Has "throw under the bus" officially jumped the shark due to overuse yet?

Metstradamus said...


Anonymous said...

Strahan = Jeter

Both are leaders who do not lead.
The only difference is that Jeter has yet to publicly blast a teammate. He just lets them twist in the wind.

Too many NY players are calling out teammates in the press. To then complain that the media is making more of it is disingenuos. He called the guy out, on the radio. He should know by now what the reaction will be.

As for his response to the female reporter, considering what came out at his divorce case, it is not shocking. He treated the mother of his children like crap, and taped her sister in various stages of undress.

Finally, why the fighting between beezermess and 'Damus? This makes Ed sad.

Anonymous said...

Metsblog is reporting (via ESPN NEWS) that Glavine has signed with the Mets. 1 year deal.

Metstradamus said...

We fight because we care.

And 'cuz it's fun.

fredstradamus said...

And cuz Beezer's a schnook. Trust me, I know the man.