Friday, June 05, 2009

Stand By Mets

At least they'll all be together now in Port St. Lucie as they find themselves, go down the train tracks to look at Victor Zambrano's dead career, and share recipes that involve Baconnaise. Oh to be young and injured.

(Featuring J.J. Putz as "Ace" ... head of the Cobras.)


Unser said...

This is just a putrid day, on every level. What's the over/under on when Omar makes a trade? I say by the end of the weekend. My prediction - he'll get a corner outfielder or a first baseman (or one who does both) - maybe Lee, Holliday, Dunn or possibly Gonzalez. Murphy, Church, Flores, Niese, Gee, Holt, Davis and Havens are all on the chopping block.

Or they'll just go gently into that goodnight.

Metstradamus said...

I know I'm a pessimist by nature with this team, but does anybody have any faith that Omar Minaya is going to make a move and fix this team? And if by chance he does, does anyone think he'll wind up overpaying?

Remember "In Omar We Trust"? Let's just say those days feel like a long, long time ago.

King Metropolitan said...

I keep hammering home the point that he's going to wind up overpaying for someone, regardless of who it is.

As nonsensical as it might be, the Nate McLouth trade really bothered me -- because it showed something that the Mets never do until it's too late.

And by that point, all the Nate McLouth's and Matt Holliday's are gone, and we're left with the Jermaine Dye's.

I'm convinced that if this team starts really going down the tubes, we're going to see something happen -- and I think we're going to see it happen because Omar's concerned about his own job.

fredstradamus said...

There are days when, as your brother, I think I couldn't possibly love you any more. Then I read blogs like that! Awesomeness.