Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coors Light

Citi Field ... Launching pad?

It's almost as if David Wright entered the clubhouse sheepishly and asked the ballpark for forgiveness after word got out that its feelings were hurt.
"No no, Citi ... you really ARE a nice park." -David Wright
Forgiveness came in the form of a first inning home run for Wright, and you knew it would be a nutty night. In fact, there were seven home runs at Citi tonight, or ... one more than Wright, Ryan Church, and Jose Reyes have had all season. Church also added to his total by almost breaking the apple into millions and millions of pieces (which would have been immediately sold by Steiner Sports online for $150 each ... an extra hundred if Church signs the fiberglass shard).

Of course, the park got some revenge by letting the Phillies have four of the home runs, which was wrought with "don't mess with Mother Nature" moments. But all those homers got Johan Santana all jacked up that he wanted to get in on the act. Now he's a pitcher so all he could muster was a double. But heck, it tied the game and set up Church's eventual game winner, so nobody's quibbling here. Well, except for Johan ... who has a touch of the crazies these days.
"I’m a man. I’m a man," Manuel remembered his ace telling him. "What he means by that, I don’t know."
Great, he's finally snapped after a year and a half of this franchise. While everyone else gets hurt physically, Johan is imagining he's Steve Winwood.

And speaking of crazies, what the hell was Shane Victorino staring down after the game? Did anyone else catch him stare down the field from the dugout? Who or what was he looking at? Or was he taking notes on which Mets were celebrating too much so that Jimmy Rollins can lecture the media on what behavior is acceptable on a baseball field? (No ... you shush.)

Jeez, just have a seat in the clubhouse, Shane. (The nice, new luxurious visitor's clubhouse.)

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, how exactly did Carlos Beltran get tagged with the "no class" label while Cole Hamels basically got off without a slap on the wrist for his "choker" comments? I ask this because hey, guess who's pitching tomorrow ...

Line drives up the middle are good, fundamental baseball. Just sayin'.


Elisa said...

The picture and the video are great! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think Victorino was staring at Frankie after he yelled and pointed at the sky.

Unser said...

Good point on Hamels. You know the media will be reminding everyone of those comments throughout the day.

Clean play by J-Roll, by the way. Not the shushing, the take out slide in the ninth.

I cannot believe how bad the umpiring has been this year. Tatis was so obviously safe and the ump was right there, in position to make the call. How do you miss that? Ruiz didn't even have control of the ball.

Metstradamus said...


Yes, clean play by Rollins.

And yes, the umpiring has been atrocious this year ... with a capital A. The Mets have been the benefit of a lot of bad calls this year. It rings more and more hollow to me when the umpires start to bristle about instant replay. It used to be that everyone would complain about the umpires, but most of the calls that went wrong were bang bang plays that you couldn't fault the ump for getting wrong from the naked eye. Now, umps are getting calls wrong that are obvious to the fan on first sight.

Just something else we can blindly blame Bud Selig for ;)

Anonymous said...

The only thing i would say is, didnt we get a call at third base with Beltran against Atalanta, were he was out and we got a break there and we won?? I just saying was that the same umpires crew..i know it was different team and all I gave you one and were taking one back ...maybe I need to get better sleep