Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shoe, Meet Other Foot ... Other Foot, Shoe

Nice to see the other team make errors to give the Mets some free runs.

And that includes Aubrey Huff, who thought he was Braylon Edwards trying to catch a pop-up in the seventh inning which allowed the go-ahead runs to score in a 6-4 Mets win over the Orioles. I guess since the Mets have been linked to Huff's name in potential trade talks, Aubrey wanted to show that he belongs in Flushing.

Yeah sure, let's trade for him. He'd fit right in.

But no fear ... if Huff does come to the Mets and does something like that, we now know that David Wright will yell at him in the dugout, like he did with Mike Pelfrey tonight after Pelfrey was pulled from the game for losing his stuff in the sixth ... and it was stuff that was no-hit quality in the first three innings. See, Sugar Pants is more than just a pretty face ... he's a leader too.

You know what David Wright is not? A doctor. And neither is former pitching coach Rick Peterson, though he wants to play one on TV. Well, Johan Santana thinks Peterson should stick to his day job.
"How did he know that my knee hurts? That's the question that I have. You guys tell me -- how did he find that out? Because it is crazy. Not even the trainers know. Not even me. I didn't know my knee hurts."
Oh that's right, Peterson doesn't have a day job. In fact, he hasn't had a day job in exactly one year, at least as a pitching guru. (And speaking of anniversaries, June 16th of '08 was Mike Pelfrey's first win in about two months, which was followed by the firing of Peterson and Willie Randolph. June 16th of '09 was Pelfrey's first win in a little over a month ... and although Snoop Manuel isn't in any trouble that we know of, Manny Acta is. All together now ... ooooooooooooh"). Aww ... Happy anniversary, Willie and Rick. Sorry I forgot to send cards. But for you, Rick, I'll light a candle at 3:11 AM in remembrance of the hardwood floor that you helped lay down ... right before it was ripped up with the rest of Shea.

You know what, I feel like some Rick Peterson nostalgia on this one year anniversary:
"I don’t really want to answer questions. I just want to say that I came here five years ago, and Fred and Jeff [Wilpon] gave me a wonderful opportunity. I left Oakland to come here to be with my kids on the East Coast and it’s been wonderful. I appreciated the opportunity and they welcomed me into their home and the home is going through renovation. Sometimes you have to make changes when things don’t go that well, and I’m part of that change. I totally understand that. I grew up in the baseball business, and I’m the hardwood floor that’s getting ripped out and they’re going to bring in the Tuscany tile.

And it will be great. My heart and soul is with every pitcher that I've dealt with here. They’ll always be in my heart and soul. It’s that kind of relationship. I’m sad for that. But I’m also happy for them. There’s a lot of guys on the right track that I hope they stay on the right track. And there’s a lot of guys that are off the track that I hope Dan Warthen can get them back on track.

This is a team that’s underachieved and I think it will get back on track.

I wear this bracelet because I’m very in tune with Eastern philosophy and universal law. This is faith. This is compassion, equanimity, and love. And in Eastern writing, they write in symbols and the symbol for problem and crisis they also use for opportunity. I've been given a great opportunity here, and once I walk out that door, I’ll seek my next opportunity. I walk out in peace and I wish everybody else here the best – Jerry Manuel, Omar Minaya, Fred and Jeff.

And hopefully the Tuscany tile will do a lot better than the hardwood floor. Thank you so much."
-Rick Peterson, June 17, 2008
Just so you know Rick, the Tuscany tile is working out just fine. Except half the team is on the DL after slipping on it.


Schneck said...

After reading Peterson's comments from last year, I don't think I could pass a drug test. I think I'm stoned.

Unser said...

Who yelled at Wright for failing to take second on that dropped pop-up and throw home?

(yes, my refusal to watch the Mets until the all-start break lasted only 3 games)

Anonymous said...

This might be one of the funniest things you've posted this year.

Anonymous said...

My father said if the tables were turned when Castillo dropped that ball and it was the Mets on the bases, that game would have just been tied cause they dont run hard. Something to see that he was absolutely right. Unser, not only was Wright still on first, but if you watched the replay, Beltran was in his normal jog heading into second and all he ended up was on third, not even close to running hard or even scoring, and that ball was deeper than Castillo's drop. The core is lazy and that just filters down to everyone else.

Unknown said...

They're not lazy, they work smart not hard. Or something like that