Friday, June 12, 2009

A Hank Size Hit, Baa!

Maybe the whole Jerod Morris/John Gonzalez thing was all an elaborate rouse to get Raul Ibanez mad enough to smack a Ken Takahashi pitch five miles over the right field fence to break the Mets hearts ... again ... in extra innings.

Nah, considering how much Takahashi missed his target by, Mary Poppins would have hit that pitch over the fence. So mad has nothing to do with it.

But jeez, you couldn't wait until next week to accuse Ibanez of enhancing his performance?

Oh, you wanted serious analysis. Well guess what? Got none. Gotta admit it's tough to ignore the three season trend of the Mets losing all these extra inning games where they have leads and then ... they don't, and attribute it to lack of heart and what not. You sure as hell could say it in '07. Last season was more the bullpen than anything. I can't explain year three. Yeah, blame Takahashi, but a Fernando Tatis sac bunt helped to do them in yesterday, and the lineup card helped to do them in tonight.

But losing two out of three to the Phillies in extra innings at home is a stark reminder that there's still a gap to be closed that seems wider than four games before the Mets can say they're on par with the Phillies. For me, that gap can be closed by getting some injured players back, but most of it can be closed by Omar Minaya and Snoop Manuel. We all know how Minaya can help close the gap. (Whether Minaya knows how to do it is anyone's guess. I guess a good start would have been signing Ibanez, but ... ah forget it. I can't tell you I saw this coming with a straight face either.)

As for Snoop, not for nothing, but isn't it about time we move David Wright (three hits on Thursday) past Gary Sheffield (three hits for the month) in the lineup? No? It's just another managerial decision that would have brought the Mets the fourth run on Thursday, as Wright would have knocked in Beltran in the third and given them the fourth run to prevent extra innings. I mean if you're going to put what is amounting to be an automatic out between Beltran and Wright, then just have the pitcher bat fourth.

Oh, speaking of the pitcher, guess who was put on the disabled list tonight? Thaaaaaat's right, John Maine. Yeah, just a dead arm, right? From the team that once let Mike DeJean pitch with a broken ankle. Different doctors, same misinformation. And on the very day that Orlando Hernandez finds work. Now which over 40 starter who's been out of the league for two years are the Mets going to turn to?


As you may have heard by now, a self described construction foreman has announced that he buried three Phillies jerseys in various spots underneath Citi Field while he was working for Hunt Construction. This of course brings to mind the David Ortiz jersey that was temporarily buried underneath the new Yankee Stadium (didn't seem to help Ortiz until this week).

Well, now is probably as good a time as any to admit to you that before I started this blog, I too worked for Hunt Construction while it was working on the Citizens Bank Park project, and I left some items underneath the Phillies' stadium. Here's just a partial list:
  • 25 Mets jerseys (5 pinstriped, 5 gray, 5 white, 5 black, and 5 of those pink ones that the girls like to wear
  • A Ty Wigginton t-shirt
  • A hat signed by Timo Perez
  • A set of used jockstraps worn by Jason Phillips
  • Certificates of authenticity for each jockstrap worn by Jason Phillips
  • Mustache clippings from Jeff Kent
  • A home run ball off the bat of Raul Gonzalez (only five of which exist in the whole world)
  • The deck of cards used by Bobby Bonilla and Rickey Henderson
  • An empty jar of peanut butter signed by Tony Tarasco
  • Bake McBride
No, seriously. Bake McBride is buried underneath Citizens Bank Park. Here's an exclusive photo:

I've also equipped each item with a tracking device which enables me to spot exactly where each item was buried. Using exclusive infrared technology I've mapped out the exact spots in the ballpark where you can find these items:

McBride actually moves around through the built in crawlspaces under the park, where he acquires sustenance from leftover cheesesteaks dropped through a pipe behind the Tony Luke's stand.

Needless to say, my efforts were fruitless. Maybe I should have used memorabilia from a higher grade of player. Oh well, you can dig if you want.


Anonymous said...

this team is limping, limping to there next destination just to crawl away from that maine's down its crazy like i think we can go on a run when jose and carlos come back but i just hope it isn't to late to the point were are running no where wild card or bust is what it seems :/

King Metropolitan said...

I couldn't agree more with the idea of moving Wright up in the order behind Beltran.

Both of them are carrying the offense at the moment -- it would only seem right to keep them back-to-back so that Wright can drive Beltran in when he inevitably gets on base.

I'm tired of seeing an automatic double play ball, or just an automatic out in general in the middle of the lineup. Unfortunately, Sheffield moving to the 5-hole then brings up the fact that the 5-9 hitters are a wash.

Not that they weren't to begin with, though.

Anonymous said...

That "buried object" thing sounds like a bunch of bullshit. And even if it were true, then it's clearly not working. Aren't the Phillies 2-3 at Citifield this year? And 3-4 against the Mets overall?

Schneck said...

Why no certificate of authenticity for Bake McBride?

Is Omar still confident that his young players can step up and that there is no need for a desperation move? Can Sammy Sosa pitch?

Unser said...

Bake - that afro definitely rivals Oscar Gamble's.

Is it just me or did it seem like, in every big situation last night, we had a total mismatch? Ken Takaschi vs. Utley, Howard and Ibanez?! Did anyone really think he would get through that? It was almost a miracle that he struck out Howard. Then Madson vs. Santos, Reed, Castillo and Cora? Really.

Yes, we're hurting and we were at a tremendous disadvantage these past three games (as we are in the next three). But that's the best we can do? I would have let Parnell pitch to Utley and co. Takahashi, to me, was not an option. Let the kid try to redeem himself. If he gets through it, that's big for his confidence. If not, so be it. I'll take my chances with Parnell ove Takahashi.

I want to see Murphy, Church and Martinez in the line-up every game this weekend. Tatis and Sheffield are automatic outs right now. Let's develop these young players and use Church, at the very least, to increase his trade value.

Anonymous said...

aren't they also 4 games up in the standings and playing well while we scuffle against the pirates and nats?


Anonymous said...

Why can't we give Pedro another shot? I mean, could he be really any worse than having NO ONE....

And yes, SugarPants needs to move up in the bating order.

Anonymous said...