Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nice Park

So wait, you mean Larry Jones isn't going to name his next child Blue Smoke Jones?

"It is the biggest park that I have ever played in in my life. It is a huge ballpark to center and right center and right field. You know, I actually feel sort of sorry for some of the guys out there because their power numbers are really going to take a hit; guys like David Wright , [Carlos] Beltran, [Carlos] Delgado. The days of them hitting 35, 40 homers -- they're over. I juiced the ball just right of center field as hard as the good Lord can let me hit a ball, and it hit midways up the center-field wall for a double," he said. "And every time there was a long fly out or a double that hit off the wall or something, David Wright would run by me and go, 'Nice park.'" -L. Jones
So this was the reason for the 800 foot valley in right field ... the Wilpons wanted to be sure to build a park that Jones couldn't kill them in. Ah, I see.


Any chance signability issues will cause Stephen Strasburg to drop to the 72nd slot? Yeah, I picked a bad season to hold a draft party. Oh well, more submarine sandwich and potato salad for me.


Hey, the WNBA season starts tomorrow, so you may already know this. But in case you don't:
The Phoenix Mercury have sold the naming rights on their uniforms to identity theft services company LifeLock Inc. — cementing what is believed to be the most lucrative sponsorship deal in the WNBA and opening the door for sports franchises to tap into a traditionally taboo revenue stream.

The Mercury name, pictured front and center on the uniform, will be replaced with the LifeLock insignia. A small Mercury patch will be stitched on the upper left portion of the uniform, across from an Adidas symbol on the right.
This is it ... the beginning of the end. And after the Bernie Madoff scandal, the Mercury may have given the Wilpons an idea:

Another reason not to slide: Dirt obstructs the view of potential sales. At least the jersey's not black..


MetFanMac said...

*Whimpers in fear of last picture*

el_nariz said...

I think the Mets should hold out for Chico's Bail Bonds. Much classier. http://founditemclothing.com/t-shirts/gfx/chicos-bail-bonds-shirt/chicos-bail-bonds-shirt.jpg

number15 said...

the jersey sponsorship story is pretty disconcerting. god knows the wnba needs the revenue, but for any other leagues to adopt it, barring maybe the arena football league or major league lacrosse, would be a disgrace. i can also see that it makes sense in soccer where halftime is basically the only commercial break, but baseball has upwards of 20 commercial timeouts in a game. that said, there's no doubt in my mind that the mets would be the first to jump at the opportunity. they already do free advertising for dominos pizza.

number15 said...

also, are those gloves or has carlos been using guido-tan on his hands?

Anonymous said...

I'll say this about Santana, I love him but he's no Halladay...