Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Sugar Pants Effect

They say that if you kill a butterfly, it can alter the fate of the world. They also say that if you give David Wright a day off after a game changing error, it can set off a chain of alternate events that include Wright hitting two home runs in one game, Vladimir Guerrero catching a cold, Todd Jones impersonating Magglio Ordonez, and Shawn Chacon choke-slamming his general manager (although I must admit there was a time that an urge to choke slam Ed Wade seemed perfectly legitimate to me.)

But the most alternate event is a Mets victory against the last place Seattle Mariners. Yes! The Mets didn't get swept by the Mariners. Party time, yo.

(Can you tell that my expectations have dropped through the floor?)

To top it off, the Mets bring back some of that winning Yankee pedigree with the signing of Andy Phillips off waivers, just in time for the final Yankee series at Shea.

They should have waited ... Chacon will be available soon.


Jaap said...

If resting Wright is such a healthy tonic for the world, imagine what resting Carlos Delgado for the rest of his career would do...

Toasty Joe said...

We heart Yankee scrub castoffs. Karim Garcia, Shane Spencer, Miguel Cairo, Andy Phillips. Yeesh.

TW said...

5 hits, Wright had to of them. Nothing to excited about. I think Wright and Reyes should geta day off per month, beyond scheduled team days off.

Phillips from Cincinnati? Brandon Phillips?!

...No, of course not, it had to be Andy.

Demitri said...

Can I be the first to say, I think the Mets have really turned a corner here.

{Let the hail of derisive comments follow...}

katherine said...

Re Vladimir Guerrero: What is it with players with "flu-like symptoms" being allowed to sit in the dugout and infect everybody else? That drove me insane when it happened to the Mets earlier this year. People with flu-like symptoms usually have a viral infection. They are contagious! So why was Ryan Church, out fo the game with a sore throat and muscle aches, sitting on the bench in the dugout next to Johan Santana? And BIG SURPRISE when other teammates mysteriously fall ill 2 days later. What are the team doctors thinking?

Ed in Westchester said...

"What are the team doctors thinking?"

They don't.

That's the problem.

See Church, Ryan and concussion.

See Pagan, Angel and bad shoulder.

This team needs new doctors in a big way.

Toasty Joe said...

Katherine: "Flu-like symptoms" = "Hangover"

Anonymous said...

Time for a steel cage tag team match between Shawn Chacon - Pedro Martinez and Ed Wade - Don Zimmer. Bring it on!

katherine said...

Toasty - I never thought of that, are you sure? All these years I have been assuming the players really had viral illnesses. Oh well, I am obviously terribly naive.

This reminds me of when I found out, many years after the event, that my father had not really taken my beloved, but badly-behaved puppy to "a farm in the country"

But actually, that makes me feel better. If they are just hungover, at least they're not contagious.