Friday, June 06, 2008


Think of it this way: Scott Schoeneweis did everyone a favor.

When you're staring down the barrel of a 1-1 game with the San Diego Padres in the ninth, you know that dealing with this team that can't score that if you go to the tenth inning, you're most likely going to the 18th ... or the 22nd. And you can't re-introduce Abraham Nunez to the major leagues with a 30-inning ballgame after he spent the last six weeks riding buses ... because that's not fair. So rather than put Nunez, and us fans, through a long, riveting at-bat showcasing the very crux of baseball's battle of wits between pitcher and batter ... rather than build up the very drama that makes baseball great, Scott Schoeneweis gave us all the equivalent of that brain freeze you get by eating ice cream too fast by hitting Paul McAnulty with his first pitch with the bases loaded to sent everybody home. Not happy, but rested. And that works for the greater good.

Besides, the Mets kinda didn't deserve to win anyway ... what with their five measly hits off of Josh Banks (who hadn't given up a run in his first three starts of the season before tonight which didn't shake Gary Cohen's firm belief that the Mets would come into San Diego with such ferocity against their staff that every pet in Petco Park would be let loose) and their bagel against the bullpen which included Heath Bell ... who surely is in the Padres locker room laughing his ass off right now. So why draw out what really should have been a loss anyway?

(Editor's note: Mike Pelfrey gets so little run support that he's becoming that employee that always arrives to the conference room late when there's pizza on the table, and all that's left is the pie with all those vegetables on it that nobody eats so Pelfrey just skips it and starves.)

So you think you're pissed now? Imagine losing 2-1 in 43 innings instead of the regulation nine? Don't think it's not possible with these two teams ... especially with Abraham Nunez on the bench instead of ... say ... Ike Davis.


Jaap said...

yeah, good thing we had all those early draft picks to allow the future to distract us momentarily from the present.
Kind of amazin but last night's outing for Schoeneweis was good enough to drop his June ERA DOWN to 36.00 from 40 something.
Willie might also want to consider only pitching him at home, where he has an 0.79 ERA. (road ERA on the season, 4.38)...anyway, I've decided to root for a Santana no-hitter tonight to give us the best chance at victory rather than another 2-1 loss.

Cosmic Charlie said...

Pelfrey is a stud in the making. Tonight's game was a preview of what this kid is going to bring on a regular basis. The Padres lineup isn't that good but give him some time and look out!

Anonymous said...

Bwaaahahahah! Mutt$ lose! Mutt$ lose!

Yankees win on a dramatic 2 out pinch hit homerun! Bwahahaha!

Yankees will be on the back pages of every new york paper. The Mutt$ game will have a blurb somewhere near the classifieds. bwahahaah

TW said...

Oh, the Yankees won a game aginst inferior competition? Excuse me, anonymous, but the Yankees will on the back of every New York newspaper because they aren't going to make the playoffs with a 200 million dollar + payroll.

Pelfrey is starting to look a little like Anthony Young out there. I'd be pissed.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty nice of the Mets to let Doug Sisk pitch the ninth last night.

katherine said...

Well, the emergence (I hope, please please) of Pelfrey as a good, reliable pitcher is certainly some consolation. I was amazed to see him staring down those batters, with the bases loaded, and throwing heat at them and daring them to try to hit it.

But our bullpen is such a problem!

On a happier note, and I hope this does not jinx him, I was thinking last night it's been a really long time since I have seen David make one of those crazy bad throws to first base.

Rickey said...

You really can't fault the Show for last night's loss. The Mets had their chances and lost the game long before he walked in that run. (also, he was due for a stinker--this is scott schoenweis we're talking about after all...)

Unknown said...

More importantly Willie had already used Nunez so we didn't even have his infield hit power available in extra innings. I guess when we needed a pinch hitter in the 8th Willie decided that using Nunez would be the quickest way back to the hotel. It's best to use the guy that can hit lefty against the right hander even though his numbers are probably worst against right handers than any of right handed bats we could have used (Tatis, Easley, Castro). But I appreciate Show not keeping me up too much past 1am. You know I need my sleep.

Anonymous said...

I dont see where Pelfrey pitched that well. He still cant get 1-2-3 innings, allowing way too many runners. He needed several outstanding defensive plays to avoid giving up runs. Its almost to the point where I cant watch him pitch, the way I couldnt watch Glavine pitch. He still has a long way to go.
As for the great Nunez, is our GM trying to make Willie look bad? The guy is a reject from several teams. He really hasnt been playing down in NO and he hasnt been hitting down there either as his .133 avg. says. Willie tells Omar that the kid just isnt hitting and that he needs another bat, so this is who Omar gives him? If the thought behind it is that its only for a few more days, then they might as well just left the kid up there. Its just very strange.

metswalkoffs said...


that's at least the 2nd time you and I have come up with the same title for our blog posts. Amazin'