Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Loss Through The Eyes ...

Saturday was my final chance to see a Met victory against the Yankees at Shea Stadium. First, it was an exhibition game in 1989 where the only thing I remember is that Ken Phelps went nuts. Then, it was Game 5. Then not again until Tyler Clippard. Saturday was my last chance. And not only is my final record against the Yankees at Shea 0-4, but the infamous lords of baseball made me sit through an hour rain delay. But that was at least entertaining because of:

  • The Yankee fan who pointed at ever Met fan who walked by on the opposite concourse and yelled "Hey Met fan! Hey Met fan!!! Getthefuggouttaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!" Then he almost fell on me.
  • The woman who had to be dragged out of the stadium by four cops ... yes, I said woman, and yes, I said four cops ... one for each appendage ... all the way down the ramps from the upper deck down to the floor. I don't know what she did, but it must have been serious. Must have had the audacity to say that she thought the dead animal on Jason Giambi's face was "sexy".

Otherwise, it was a dark day ... punctuated by the guy in the Mattingly jersey leaving the game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth because "this game's over ... it's not even fair." (And you wonder why everyone hates Yankee fans). Join me for a quick photo essay of the day:

The guy hugging the catcher is newest Knick Danilo Gallinardi. Let's see, he just got booed by 5,000 people ... so let's put him in front of an angry and liquored up crowd of 56,000. Yeah, that'll work.

The attendance for Saturday's game against the Yankees was actually 56,172. When you count the players, umpires, ushers, vendors, and the Pepsi Party Patrol with their boxes of Bubba Burgers, the amount of people probably pused 57,500.

Yet when Jose Reyes was picked off second base with two outs in the bottom of the fifth, he couldn't have been more alone.

No sign of anybody sliding on the tarp today.

Meanwhile, Carlos Beltran struck out four times ... this one against Kyle Farnsworth. Nice job, clutch.

This signifies ... well, it signifies whatever you want it to signify. I know what it signifies for me.


    Anonymous said...

    friday night, every time giambi was at bat I yelled, "Ron Jeremy called, he wants his mustache back."

    well, i had to do SOMETHING

    Jaap said...

    somehow I think even sitting through a rain delay and watching the Mets lose to the Yankees was better than sitting indoors listening to the Fox Chimps speculate on how Giambi's stash has coincided with a hot streak at the plate. And have you heard Giambi speak lately? He sounds like he's chain smoking in the dugout.

    Statler said...

    See, it's not a RJ mustache. It's a Jesse-Ventura-in-Predator mustache. Don't believe me? Go watch it. Even if you disagree, you'll have watched Predator (and heard the words "sexual tyrannosaur"), and that's never a bad thing. Or you could just click here:

    Metstradamus said...


    I hear ya. We let loose the Chia Pet references.


    Anonymous said...

    i was at the game too...the psycho lady tried to jump off the ramp from the upper deck and was basically going completely ballistic.

    Anonymous said...

    oh..and also, the cops eventually had to put her in a straightjacket once they got her outside the stadium because she was bashing her head against the ground and kicking and completely overpowering the cops, but it was definitely an interesting rain delay.

    katherine said...

    Jaap, I agree, the Fox experience yesterday was a new low. (Maybe the psycho lady at the game was listening to Tim McCarver on earphones?)

    In the bottom of the fifth, here's what they might have said, if they had a sense for the progress and drama of the game:

    "Its the bottom of the fifth and it's raining hard now, Yanks ahead 2-1. The umps are mad at Jerry Manuel, because he got Brian Runge suspended and because he made a visit to the mound today just to jaw at the home plate ump. So maybe they'll call the game after 5 just to spite the Mets. So in a sense, this is the bottom of the ninth - and Jose Reyes, the tying run, just got onto first base."

    What did they actually say? Well, a reprisal, not the first, but the SECOND hashing out of Tim McCarver's theory that Andy Pettite should go into the Hall of Fame. With statistics to back him up. All based on an assumption that Pettitte's performance will not decline over the next 4 years. No mention that it is the post-steroid era and 36 year old pitchers now have no Winstrol , greenies or HGH to keep them going.

    Although, having said that, Jiambi, in addition to his hideous moustache (I actually had to cover my eyes when they showed a close up of him) looks as roided up as ever - don't you think?

    Demitri said...

    metstra, shea can't be burned down (err - demolished) fast enough.

    Jaap said...

    Katherine, must have blacked out that Pettitte to the Hall of Fame train McCarver was prattling on about so much because I'd been able to block it all out until reading your comment - I think they should build an alternative Hall of Fame in like, Brownsville, shaped like a giant syringe and call it the Cheaters Hall of Fame so people like Pettitte and Giambi and Clemens and Wade Boggs and Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, (alright, I won't do the entire litany just to spare you) all have an appropriate place to be remembered. As for McCarver, maybe the simple removal of his larynx would suffice.

    Anonymous said...

    giambi with mustache = clue hayward from "major league."

    Anonymous said...

    First, sorry about my mom. She hasn't been the same since Beltran watched that pitch go by.

    I was at that game as well (initially with my mom) and wondered how many schizophrenic fans were there chanting BOTH "Let's go Yanks" AND "Yankees Suck" without missing a breath.

    Mets Guy in Michigan said...

    Metstra, I feel your pain! I was at that game, too.