Friday, June 27, 2008

Demanding Heaven For A Blue June

No, this isn't a post to canonize Dave Mlicki (although pitching a shutout in the Mets' first ever game at Yankee Stadium certainly deserves canonization ... if that's even a word.) But it is to canonize the blue caps with the gray roadies.

The Mets brought this look back today for the first game of the dual stadium doubleheader, again ... not to canonize Dave Mlicki, but to acknowledge the last season at Yankee Stadium. Screw that. Let's acknowledge how nice this combination looks and put this back in the regular rotation, please?

Blue caps with gray roadies is baseball heaven. Black hats with gray roadies is baseball marketing. See the difference? Come on Charlie, bring back heaven.

And a tip of the blue hat to you, Dave Mlicki ... wherever the hell you are.


Anonymous said...

couldn't agree with you more. bring back the blue cap/gray roadies. then again, it's better than when they had that stupid white baseball cap to go with the white jersey.

Metstradamus said...

Every time they wore that white hat, I had a craving for ice cream. Gained 20 pounds that season.

Peteski said...

I concur

more pics