Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Third Annual Hall of Hate Vote

Are you looking to take out some frustration after Friday night's 8-4 loss to the Reds? Why of course you are. Lucky for you, it's time for the third annual "Metstradamus Hall of Hate" vote, where you get to add another deserving candidate to the most hallowed of hated ground.

Some background for the unfamiliar: Soon after starting this blog, I created a daily hate list...five people, places, or things that put a burr in my saddle for that particular calendar day. Mostly baseball players, but many times I would go off the board. From there, due to overwhelming positive response, it evolved into a more permanent and lasting "Hall of Hate", of which the original 25 members were chosen by me, here. It was meant to be a list that encompassed the biggest "enemies" in Mets history, the ones who the mere mention of their names makes one want to drink a bottle of ipecac just so you can puke all over your dog.

Not being enough to satiate the appetite of you, the hating fan, I opened balloting up for additional members, and so far you have voted in five candidates (most of them deserving) in 2005, and then to three more in 2006 to join the original 25. The balloting would coincide with whatever vacation time I was taking.

Well, boys and girls, it's that time again. Metstradamus leaves you for the time being...but leaves you with a fun procedure to undertake for the next ten days. You, the people, get to vote on the next members of the Hall of Hate via the poll in the sidebar.

Here's the deal, you get one vote per computer. Amongst the list, you can vote for multiple candidates...anyone you feel deserve induction (so you can check off as many boxes you want, but you can only click "vote" once). You have until 11:59PM on Tuesday, July 24th to cast your vote. The top two vote-getters gain induction into the Hall of Hate, which is a departure from past years because we want to make this vote mean a little something more (and we're running out of guys). Future seasons will see one player voted in per year.

Here now are your candidates for the Hall of Hate (no, you will not find Brandon Phillips on here despite his six RBI's on Friday night):

Pete Rose: Picked a fight with a man half his size because his team was getting it's Big Red Tails kicked in during the 1973 NLCS. Received 116 votes in 2006 and was seventh in the voting. (But a recent poll for "Most Hated Met" during a broadcast saw Rose easily outdistance Hall of Hate original members such as John Rocker, Chipper Jones, and Roger Clemens with 43% of the vote. So you Rose haters are out there, I know you are.)

John Thomson: A new nominee for his recent trashing of Paul Lo Duca as a reason for not signing with the Mets. Thomson is now unemployed because he stinks (I'm told by our friend Greg at Faith and Fear that Thomson is actually a Kansas City Royal, so now he has a prefix to "Pain in the Ass"). Also, pitched like a wet dishrag in his prior stint for the Mets in 2002.

Dick Young: The New York Post columnist who basically ran Tom Seaver out of town while writing for the Daily News. With one column, Young destroyed an agreement between Seaver and the Mets, causing Seaver to be traded as part of the "Midnight Massacre" on June 15th, 1977. Received 145 votes as part of the general voting in 2006 and finished fourth, with more votes than anyone who did not make it in 2006.

Jeff Torborg: Managed the 1993 Mets, who exposed him as a managing fraud. (Also managed the 2003 World Champion Marlins, but only during the beginning of that season when they stunk.) Received 117 votes and was sixth in last year's voting.

Mel Rojas: Was traded to the Mets as part of the Turk Wendell deal. The reason it's called the Turk Wendell deal is because Rojas was about as useful as Manute Bol on ice skates. Rojas gave up a home run to Paul O'Neill in 1997 that finally landed in 2002. Rojas' greatest transgression was his final act as a Met, which was bringing back Bobby Bonilla in a trade. Rojas garnered 111 votes and finished eighth in the 2006 balloting.

Joe Torre: From "Clueless Joe" as a Met, to a hall of famer (and Roger Clemens apologist) as a Yankee. Was ninth in 2006 with 108 votes.

Richie Hebner: Wanted no part of the Mets, and played like it at third base. If I'm correct, he set the standard for giving baseball fans the finger. Received 65 votes in 2006 and was tenth in the voting.

Eddie Murray: The first baseman of the worst team money could buy, the 1993 Mets. Is it really a compliment when you're the leader of misfits? Eddie was 11th in last year's voting with 30 votes.

Tony Fernandez: Was successful at every major league stop he made, except Shea Stadium, where he had maybe three hits in half a season, and blamed gallstones. Tony received 27 votes in 2006 and finished 12th in the voting.

Braden Looper: Making his debut on the ballot for multiple meltdowns as a Met, combined with his gleeful mocking of the Jose Reyes chant after Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. Looper was a tough add for me because in the annals of hate, Armando Benitez is so above and beyond Looper in terms of the rage it summons in me. But I kind of want to see how he would do despite having, in my opinion, more deserving candidates on the list.

Albert Pujols: Also making his debut on the list for his not-so-subtle digging into Tom Glavine after Game 1 of the NLCS, combined with being on the trainers table receiving "treatment" during the ninth inning of the 2007 All-Star Game, possibly costing the Mets a shot at home field advantage in the '07 World Series (Hey, Trevor Hoffman incurred my wrath briefly for blowing the '06 All-Star Game, but at least he wasn't on the damn trainers table). Speaking of which:

The All-Star Game Winner Getting World Series Home Field Rule: It's just that stupid that it needed to be included.

And as always, you may write in a vote here in the comments section. If someone gets enough write-in votes, then yes, I'll put him in (unless it's an obvious attempt by a rogue group of Yankee fans that want to experiment and see if they can get somebody like Tom Seaver or Gary Carter on the list just by creating computer systems that will write the same name hundreds of times. So don't even bother). And in terms of write-ins, if you write in a vote please make it easy for this old man and put the name in bold or something like that. (But please, before you come out with a comment like "Where's Bobby Bonilla" or "What about Chipper Jones", please refer to the original induction list along with the additions via fan balloting).

And in case you were wondering, Cole Hamels almost made this list. I opted against it because he's too young, and he might pitch for us one day. But Cole should definitely know that we're constantly monitoring his situation.

So get out there and do your civic duty and vote vote vote. Meanwhile, I'm off to far away lands to scout for pitching. I will return with a post on the 23rd. (Maybe the 24th if the jet lag is really bad.) Hopefully by then we'll still be at the top of the standings.

(P.S. I have it on good authority that Howard Johnson was chosen over Rickey Henderson as hitting coach because it is an odd numbered year. HoJo, as you know, was a much better hitter in odd numbered years. In 2008, Johnson will be demoted back to first base coach in favor of Rickey, only to get that post back in 2009.)


Quick update before I go on the plane: Because some obviously refuse to read the directions and click links, here are the members that are ALREADY IN the HALL OF HATE (Please refer to this list before you wonder about their absence):

Mike Scioscia-Charter Member
Jeff Kent-Charter Member
Robby Alomar-Charter Member
Rey Ordonez-Charter Member
Larry Jones-Charter Member
Bobby Bonilla-Charter Member
Vince Coleman-Charter Member
Ken Griffey Jr.-Charter Member
Roger Clemens-Charter Member
Mike Hampton-Charter Member
Mike Scott-Charter Member
John Tudor-Charter Member
David Wells-Charter Member
Armando Benitez-Charter Member
John Rocker-Charter Member

Donne Wall-Charter Member
Mike Stanton-Charter Member
Mike DeJean-Charter Member
Brian Jordan-Charter Member
Eddie Perez-Charter Member
Pat Burrell-Charter Member
Terry Pendleton-Charter Member
Jose Vizciano-Charter Member
Pedro Guerrero-Charter Member
Juan Gonzalez-Charter Member
Whitey Herzog-Charter Member
Art Howe-Charter Member
Dallas Green-Charter Member
Al Harazin-Charter Member
The 1993 Home Uniforms-Charter Member
Kenny Rogers-Voted in 2005
Derek Jeter-Voted in 2005
Mo Vaughn-Voted in 2005
Joe Randa-Voted in 2005
M. Donald Grant-Voted in 2005
Mike Francesa- Voted in 2006
Jim Duquette- Voted in 2006
Steve Phillips- Voted in 2006

Just so we're clear.


Anonymous said...

Hard for me personally to vote for Rose - such a good hard nosed player (both in and out of sports books)

We woulda LOVED him on our team.

I would like to nominate Robert Moses.


I know we may not have the Mets if the Dodgers were still around -

that being said after watching HBO's documentary the other night how can I NOT vote for this guy.

I think we can all relate to those dodger fans - I couldn't even imagine something like that happening to our boys.

Also found it funny Carlos Delgado got one vote two years ago.

Somehow I think he might get more than 1 vote this year.

Enjoy the vacay, Damus.

Anonymous said...

The link to the original 25 members links to last night's 8-4 loss. :(

So I don't know who they are...

Metstradamus said...

Gary, I don't know how that happened. It's fixed now. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...


You were obvoiusly drunk or on massive amounts of morphine when you wrote this.

I demand a re-vote:

Not present on the list :
a Derek Jeter
b. Armando Benitez
c. Chipper Jones
d. Dallas Green
e. Mike Scossia (1988)
f Bobby Bonilla

And that is 10 minutes of thinking.

Metstradamus said...


As the post clearly states WITH LINKS:

(But please, before you come out with a comment like "Where's Bobby Bonilla" or "What about Chipper Jones", please refer to the original induction list along with the additions via fan balloting).

It didn't even take 24 hours for someone to break that rule.

I really don't believe it's asking too much to read the entire post before you comment.

Maybe you should try the morphine, or try thinking more than 10 minutes. Thanks, and click the links.

bryan said...

Mel Rojas was absolutley dreadful. That guy wasn't even worthy of throwing BP let alone a major league game. He gets my vote.

-Bryan from

Drew said...

what about joe buck and/or tim mccarver and their rampant biaism against the mets.

Anonymous said...


You sure know how make us, the pissed off fans, feel better. I'll be voting a couple of people to the "Metstradamus Hall of Hate".

About todays game; I yelled so hard at my tv that I think one of the stitches popped out of my back...too many people left on base dammmittt!

Anyway...Has there been a Ralph Kiner Bobblehead doll day yet?? I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

ok, i've read and reread the lists of who's already in the hall, and who's on the current ballot, and i still have to ask:

Anonymous said...

Jose vizcaino?

Anonymous said...

Whoops..there he is.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Rollins, man.

Anonymous said...

Dick Young & Donald Grant. They made Shea a graveyard for almost a decade. Period.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Metstra, I an STUNNED that the bastard Dick Young was not a charter member. His election is long overdue. Perhaps the attention given this year to his role in the midnight massacre will pave the way for this wretched punk to be hated as he so richly deserves.

I'm voting for him and him alone to boost his odds.

Anonymous said...

Very much agree with the comment on Dick Young, though I also voted for Richie Hebner.

Yes, there are many deserving candidates. But... Braden Looper leading the voting? Come on, people. Have some historical perspective.

Mike said...

I voted for Dick Young last year, & I recast in the same direction.

But . . . where the hell is Yadier "Smirky McSmirkenstein" Molina, for goodness sake???

Yadier is my number one vote this year, even over Young.

Unknown said...

Not even close. Mel Rojas by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Why was Junior Griffey a charter member?

Anonymous said...

Cole Hamels....oh, and Tom Cruise

Anonymous said...

Larry Jones? Hmmmmm......Larry Jones? Boy, I'm not placing him.
Was he a replacement player with Rick Reed? I just can't visualize the face? Puzzled, hmmmm
Now I know who Larry Jones is!
I heard he likes to give Bobby Cox a spongbath after the game?
Any truth to the rumor?
--Frank D.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Metstra that the current format of the All-Star game is flawed. Players simply don't care and the games are structured for teams not to play good fundamental baseball (no bunts or moving runners over from second to third with no outs). Despite the change in format and a couple of interesting games the last couple of years, the ratings are down big time. The throwback years of AL/NL partisanship are over and logistics probably prevent the very subjective use of winning percentage (weak division or league) from deciding who gets home field. I believe the fairest way is to do one year on, one year off and leave it up to fate. The current format is Selig trying to push the game and recover from the embarrassment of the tie in 2002.

Yes, the Mets being in the World Series would be the important thing and other more important home runs can be hit in the latter part of the season and in the playoffs.....however you're wrong in thinking that a regular season (1st half) road record counters having to play a Game 6 or game 7 World Series contest in LA, Detroit, or Fenway Park. You will hate the rule and the player if that scenario plays out.

I'm flattered that you used my post as the subject of your blog.

Sassdawg. said...


I'm feeling the new Mr Whiteflag himself Scott Schoenweis.

Anonymous said...

damn you, metstra. you have inspired me to have my own blog. broken back+metstra+mets+plenty of time on my hads=

Anonymous said...

I assume Griffey's a charter member for turning down a trade to the Mets. If so, why is Barry Larkin not also on this list? People forget about that one, it was about a week before we traded for Bordick in '00.

Mike V said...

Does Braden Looper really deserve to be on this list? I understand WHY he is on the list, but I feel that his transgressions are too recent, and that over time we might look at him on this list and have a hard time remembering why we hated him. The guys on the list whose sins are ten years older or more should get double votes. For example, Paul O'Neill's homer off Mel Rojas still gives me pains, ten years later.

MetFanMac said...

How is this possible? Richie Hebner has only the third-least votes!
Obviously, more people need to read FAFIN's amazin', amazin', AMAZIN' consigning of Hebner to his very own Circle in Mets Hell in these two Pulitzer-worthy posts:

JAMMQ said...

How does Braden Looper have more votes than Dick Young?

Dick Young traded Seaver. That trade happened the year I was born, but even I know how horrible that was for the organizaton.

Even though Looper had that stupid grin, and was pretty shitty- he's not on a level of a Dick Young.

He's not even on a Jeff Torberg or Mel Rojas level.

Unknown said...

I agree with some of the posters here about Braden Looper leading. I did check him in my votes, but his transgressions against the team seem insignificant in comparison to something like Dick Young's.

But I really don't have as much of a problem with Looper over Young as I do with the All-Star Home Field rule over Young. My main reason is because the rule isn't Mets specific enough for a Mets hall of fame. Perhaps if the Mets made a World Series since it started and it went 7 games and they lost, I might could see that.

Plus, I really just don't hate it. I remember I did at first because I had alot of things Bud Selig has done (unnecessary expansions, interleague, nixing the AL/NL alternating parks in the All-Star Game for the first time in 50 years just for SF '07, etc)

But when I look back at it, it doesn't look so bad. I mean its not like there was a great formula to make it fair before. It was just alternating. Plus, since its inception, the series hasn't went 7 games. So it has yet to matter.

While I can see that running out of candidates will soon make this almost necessary, its weird seeing some guys on the list who are just there for one single thing. Like for example, I have no problems with Albert Pujols outside of that week of the NLCS when he suddenly disrespected Glavine. I don't know how I feel about putting on guys like Pujols, Hamels, or Rollins.

It's different with people like Chipper Jones or Pat Burrell, who were hated enemies for a sustained period of time. With these guys, so far, it is just a couple of quotes in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Add Lee Mazilli for the way he acted when he was with the Shmankeeees in the 2000 WS.