Monday, November 02, 2009

Here's Where I Jump Off

You wanted hell? You got holy hell instead.
Big Apple women may soon be able to take a ride on Derek Jeter -- the bridge, that is.

Bronx leaders have proposed naming the soon-to-be-built East 153rd Street bridge for the Yankee shortstop.

"There have been conversations at the community board, and I know the idea is being examined," said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., a Bombers fan who confesses to a "man crush" on the Captain.

"It's something I am ready to support. We're moving on it."
Just in time to clinch the World Series from hell. They're not going to stop until every mode of transportation in this damn city is named after a Yankee, are they? You've already got something named after DiMaggio, now a Jeter Bridge? What's next, the DMV wants you to make sure you follow your Joba Traffic Rules?

Meanwhile, as the city seeks to name a real city bridge after Derek Jeter, there's a fake bridge in Citi Field that the Mets haven't bothered to name yet ... even though they had all these wonderful things planned in 2009 to honor the Mets. Instead, all they did was send Mariano Rivera their pitching rubber along with putting up a few pictures to placate Mets fans and hope they forget about all of this "memorabilia nonsense".

Maybe they're planning to take the bridge and give it to Jeter to honor the greatness that is he, so he can drive his Ford Edge on it over and over again (the one in blazing copper, of course).

Isn't there a small pond in Forest Park we can name after Mike Vail?


Nikki said...

I saw that article in the Post this weekend.. so ridiculous. Where do you get off naming a bridge after someone who is A) still alive and B) still playing??

MetFanMac said...

Come, come, now. Think of all the jokes waiting to be made about the people who jump off said bridge.

Hazeleyes said...

Sigh. They should at least have the decency to wait til he is dead -- as they did when they renamed West Street after Joe D (Although who calls it anything except West Street) and renamed an expressway or parkway after Jackie Robinson.

One would think there would at least be a Tom Seaver Square or Alley somewhere...

I am still honked off about the lack of Mets history on display at Shea... as each day passes I start to think that the Wilpons are in league with Steinbrenner to wipe our poor team off the face of the earth...

Schneck said...

...other possibilities: Swan Lake, Strawberry Fields, Brooks Brook, Graves Cemetery, Ho Park, Darling/Valentine Tunnel (of Love)

Metstradamus said...

"Ho Park"

/slow clap