Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Response, Or First Tease?

You have to assume that any rumor that involves dumping Luis Castillo's contract is probably too good to be true.

Look, my past man crush on Castillo is well documented. And he deserves a world of credit for bouncing back not once (from 2008), but twice (from the pop-up). But it's also well documented that you sell high. Or at least Castillo high which means you sell mediocre.

So this rumored deal which would send Castillo to the Cubs and Lyle Overbay to the Mets is absolutely the right thing to think about. It's the third part of that deal which will make or break it, which is Milton Bradley going from the Cubs to the Jays. And Toronto, reportedly and predictably, wants no part of Bradley. (Some say the Canadian exchange rate would change Bradley from slightly perturbed and misunderstood to certifiably insane.)

If these rumors do turn out to be a pipe dream, then at least those pesky Doc Halladay to the Phillies rumors can die a horrible death too. Or the rumor that I completely made up myself where the Phillies decline the option on Pedro Feliz for the sole purpose of signing Chone Figgins, and hence moving Jimmy Rollins down in the order.

Die rumors ... die.


Stalky said...

Overbay a Met? How awesome would that be? Another University of Nevada baseball alum on the Mets?!?! Then when Overbay gets in Jerry's doghouse, gets traded to the Nationals/ Marlins/ Braves, all of his t-shirts will fit nicely on the old Church rack! $10 a pop! Magic! Godd bless Gary Powers and Peccole field!

Unser said...

As much as I commend Castillo for his professionalism, he cannot be on the team next year. He's endemic of the Mets' shortcomings: one-dimensional, no power, no range, past his prime.

My question is this: are they teasing us with talk of Hudson, Holliday and/or Halliday?

Metsfanintexas said...

Look, even if the three way deal is
done, the Cubs are about the only
team that is willing to take on
Castillo and his contact. Why not
make the trade to the Cubs for mid-
level or even low level prospects?
I would jump at the chance to dump
Castillo. I doubt he will put up
the same numbers in 2010 and he
symbloizes everything bad about
the 09 team..old, past your prime,
no defense, no power.

Dan said...

I think Figgins makes a lot of sense for the Mets. Especially if he can play second base. But when you consider I’m the same guy who exhorted readers of this blog not to throw in the towel, to BELIEVE the Mets were still in it in early July, just a few days after the three-game Yankees sweep, I’m not sure how much credibility I have.

I am very sorry about all that. I had just returned from a four day visit to the land of milk and honey in southern Nevada; my zest for life at the time was clearly suspending all rational baseball thought.