Thursday, November 05, 2009

And The Scarlet Number 2000 Fades Away

For nine years, I've had the indignity of having witnessed the last Yankees world championship in person. Now, I don't have to say that anymore.

So I suppose that's a good thing (along with Shane Victorino being the final out ... I'll take what I can get, I guess.)

But it's not enough that the Yankees are back to being World F***ing Champions (thanks Chase), but Hideki Matsui won the MVP award after a six RBI night ... meaning that Jeff Wilpon is now salivating over the thought of signing him to play left with his surgically repaired knees.

(Hmmmmmm ... advertising dollars.)

But here's the good news: Thanks to Bud Selig letting FOX walk all over him with November baseball, spring training starts in just about two weeks. Then we can start worrying about important things ... like how to beat the Pirates now that they have Akinori Iwamura, or how to replace Frankie Rodriguez after he blows out his elbow pitching winter league in Venezuela.

The bad news is that Jose Reyes will still be rehabbing 48 of the 124 tears in his hamstring.


Unser said...

Speaking of last outs, how did Piazza's shot NOT reach the fence that night?


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. I was there with Metstradamus when the Yankees last won the World Series. Thanks for pointing out the only silver lining in the series.

King Metropolitan said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to witness this in person. Maybe you could have told Chase Utley that auditions for the Rat Pack happened over 40 years ago, and he need not slick his hair back anymore.

Or wait, that might just be that he's sweaty from hustling. I wouldn't know though; I haven't seen a ballplayer hustle in years.

Schneck said...

Is there any hope that the Wilpons, realizing that they love all other past and present NY baseball teams better than the Mets, decide to sell the Mets and purchase the Yankees from the Steinbrenners, who decide that they'd rather not carry on their father's legacy? Probably not, I guess.

JeterBoy said...

You can also say that you don't have to hear it from Phillie fans about back-to-back championships. And that somebody finally shut Jimmy Rollins up. Broke the cycle with his predictions (not in Metstradamus' league I guess). And Cole Hamels comes out of this looking like a quitter. Taking care of the Mets' business.

New stadiums, new decade, new century...and nothing has changed (except for the Curse of the Bambino). Yankees are the World Champs!!!!