Friday, November 13, 2009

Benny Agbayani: A You Tube Retrospective

With news that Benny Agbayani has finally retired after a long career in Japan, let's look at his most memorable moment as a Met (modified with video game footage because heaven forbid Bud Selig allow old baseball clips to be seen on You Tube:

How do we know Benny's cool? Who else gets their own chant? I don't hear any chants for Matt Holliday unless they involve "Thanks for catching that ball in L.A. you douche!"

Guess I'm wasting my time hoping for Benny Agbayani Night at Citi Field in 2010, right? Of course not ... not from the same people that can't calculate 10 percent.


Schneck said...

Hey, when we hire Bobby V maybe he'll hire Benny A as a coach!!

Hazeleyes said...

Good idea, Schneck.

Benny was not the most talented player ever to wear a Mets uniform but he had heart.

Chuchundra said...

He was one of my favorite players back then. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him hanging around the Mets dugout in 2010.

Demitri said...

They made it to the WS with Benny as the starting left fielder. I'm still amazed at what the 99 and 2000 teams did, considering what we now expect from corner outfielders and first basemen.

Trash Man said...

Just wondering if you have animation of Ryan Church missing third base against the Dodgers complete with animation shots of what happened in the dugout.