Sunday, July 05, 2009

Look Out, It's Skylab!

Fans who think the sky is falling can take heart: David Wright obviously agrees.

Either that, or Alex Cora thought there were pieces of Skylab still floating around in space and wanted to warn his teammate. We're really not sure.

We're not sure of anything anymore, after the Mets showed us more comedic flair in Philadelphia as they lost again to the Phillies by a score of 4-1, thanks in part to two blown foul pops which directly led to the fourth run.

But even though the Mets are acting like a slot machine on the old strip in Vegas and paying out more than the 27 outs you get at those slots at Bellagio, and even though they're doing this at the worst possible time against good teams like the Yankees and Phillies (I think I've acquired an STD just typing that last sentence), don't you worry. Because look who's riding in on his horse on Wednesday to save the day:

Oh boy ... we're screwed.


Unser said...

It's gotten to a point where I prefer to listen to the games on the radio. I find it less mind-boggling when I can't see how exactly the Mets screwed something up yet again.

And Howie doesn't hold back one bit.

MetFanMac said...

I thought the picture was going to be Johan on a white horse.

Instead I got... uh. THAT.