Saturday, July 25, 2009

Frenchy Played Football Y'Know

But when former high school football star Jeff Francoeur bore down on Pudge Rodriguez with the tying run in the seventh inning, what the Mets needed was Bo Jackson.

Instead, they got Blair Thomas.

Frenchy tried to deke to the goal line instead of just putting his head down and running over Pudge, and that was just one of the mistakes that led to the Mets' 5-4 loss against the Astros in Houston.

But if Frenchy was Blair Thomas, then Razor Shines was definitely Rich Kotite. Let's see: Francoeur isn't that fast. Hunter Pence has a good arm, and he's so close to the infield he's inhaling dust. But Razor sends him home from second to be out by ten feet.

Are we just not bothering to scout anymore?

That wasn't even Francoeur's biggest transgression (though he did say his fifteen jukes made him look like a "pansy" after the game.) His strikeout in the first on a pitch in the dirt along with Fernando Tatis' double play immediately afterward allowed Mike Hampton to find himself, leading to Hampton's two run homer against Johan Santana. (And not to mention that Frenchy looking bad on a pitch and 6-4-Tatis hitting into another D.P. is as cliche and contrived as a policeman eating a doughnut. More originality next time, please.)

And speaking of Hampton, is this the way it's going to be the rest of the season ... former Mets taking free punches at their former employer as if they were a dead animal being poked with a stick? Mike Hampton hitting a two run home run? Kaz Matsui with a lifetime average against the Mets of .981? Kaz Matsui???

What's next, someone's going to sign Orlando Hernandez so he can throw a three-hitter against the Mets?

The Phillies bring Kaz Ishii from the bullpen to strike out Jeremy Reed?

And can Snoop hop back from the parallel universe he's in and join us on Earth? "Wha? Francoeur didn't hit Pudge? I thought he hit him."

With a Bloomingdale's bag, maybe.


Luis said...

Cant really fault Razor for sending Francouer wi 2 outs- Who would have driven him in? Francouer however was NOT hauling ass to 3rd , and this is a common problem I have seen wi the Mets-Even Wright has done it-Glide into one base and then start accelerating to the next- I have seen Reyes out at 3rd, Wright our at 2nd, Froncouer out at home, etcetc- This team is unwatchable- to all those who think Beltran is over rated, well, what do you think now? Batters will hit 4 times a game, how hard is it to bust ass for 90 or 180 feet 4 times a night? Not that this is solely a Mets problem, but I am a Mets fan since 1969, and try as I might it is hard to root for some one else. I do Like Phi and how they play as well as Mil-It is not their fault we suck. Yes Francouer should have leveled Pudge, but if you saw him cringe after getting hit wi a CURVE ball, you see he did the right thing by playing baseball. These guys are soft all over starting wi the GM

kjs said...

I can live with the injuries and the awful play.
I can live with the fact that I'm shit-out-of-luck because I have tix to 17 more pathetic games.
I can't live with blatant lies from Minaya and Manuel, and the utter Zen silence from the Mets pathetic owners trying to preserve a "brand."
I can live with a "post-Fumble" New York Football Giants fan uprising, or we're facing a decade of absolute pathetic summers in NYC.
Francoeur? What player is going to waste a calorie or risk an injury to get a run for this mess of a team? He just did a future GM a favor: Francouer isn't going to run through a wall for you, so he's not a gamer.
But we already knew that...