Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hulking Up

Did anybody catch the top of the first? I'm not talking of the key double play where Tom Glavine got former Met Xavier Nady to ground into and keep the first inning from being a Brandon Phillips type disaster. No, I'm talking about immediately after the double play, when Glavine let out a whoop, and seemed to flex his arms like Hulk Hogan after he pins a poor hapless Barry Horowitz* en route to another victory in Saturday Night's Main Event.

(*I would have used Andre the Giant for this reference, but this the poor Pirates have become the Barry Horowitz of major league baseball.)

But Glavine had to feel good after not being able to get out of the third inning in his last start with a 6-0 lead against Los Angeles. So by all rights and purposes, this really should have been win number 300. Instead, it's merely 299 as the Mets defeated Pittsburgh 6-3 thanks to Glavine and Paul Lo Duca's four RBI's. Glavine's first shot at 300 will come on Tuesday against Milwaukee at Miller Park. And a concerned reader of mind brought up an interesting point which you should keep in the back of your collective heads:
"Glavine goes for win #300 on Tuesday v. the Brewers ... does Barry break the record on the same night and steal our boy's thunder?"
It could happen. Barry Bonds, who's now holding steady at 753 home runs, could steal Tommy Two Teeth's thunder on Tuesday. And wouldn't that be a kick in our heads.


Speaking of kicking people in their heads, you know that the voting for the Hall of Hate inductions recently ended, and I'm proud to announce the results:

This Sunday.

That's right, we're making this a big deal. If you've been paying attention you probably already know who won. But for those who are not sure...and even for those who are sure but just appreciate pageantry and pomp, I have decided that I'm going to make the announcement of this year's Hall of Hate inductees live on Mike Silva's Free the Fan radio show this Sunday from 9-11 PM. Because if you can put the major league baseball draft on television, then we can certainly have a Hall of Hate announcement on the radio. So we're going to create a little suspense like the ESPY's. Hey, if the major league baseball draft can be televised, then certainly there's room on America's airwaves for this.

So join me on Mike's show on Sunday night which you can find live here (click on the "listen live" button), or later on in the evening here . In addition to the announcement, I will be guest judging the talent portion of a "Battle of the Blogs" between the fine folks of Do Me Wright, and the Yankees Chick. This is apparently a grudge match, and I'm kind of hoping it ends up in a tie...rumor has it that the tie-breaker is a round of paintball in the Poconos.

Can't wait until then? Go out and buy the 1986 World Series DVD set and keep yourselves busy.


G-Fafif said...

You're going to have a revolt on your hands if the ballots are in way tampered with between now and Sunday. Perhaps you should place them securely in a lock box.

Toasty Joe said...

"Go out and buy the 1986 World Series DVD set and keep yourselves busy." Sounds like you got the same email I did. I expect I'll crack and sell out any moment now as well. Let me know when the big bucks start rolling in.

Metstradamus said...

I'm not going to hold my breath.

E1 E5 Loss said...

I just wanna be the first person to bitch about the pathetic noon game vs. the Bucs. Talk about losing a game you can't afford to lose with stiifer competition coming up. Does Randolph take day games seriously enough to prep the team the night before that they should show up for the game?

Toasty Joe said...

"Stiffer competition" like the Washington Nationals? Believe it or not, you can't win every game.