Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blood On My Hands

You don't know how hard it is to type right now, being that my eyes are bleeding from their sockets after gouging my eyes out with long needles during the bottom of the fifth inning.

But here's the bright side, when you combine the red of the blood with the blue of my mood spilled all over my white Mets jersey, you have the perfect color scheme for America's birthday. So at least it's festive.

This whole series brought back some bad AFC Championship memories.

It doesn't help that curveballs in that city act like helium balloons, as Orlando Hernandez's eephus pitch acted like to Todd Helton who was halfway to first base on his bases loaded walk in the fourth inning before the ball got halfway to home plate.

And you know we talk about how batted balls go farther, and how pitches stay up. How about throws from the infield? After the Helton walk made it 4-3 Rockies, Jose Reyes made shall we say, a bad decision going to first base on a backhander in the hole and two outs rather than going to third base. The ball took off in the mountain air and landed somewhere in Grand Junction to give the Rockies two more runs.

But all was not lost as the Mets pulled within 6-4 in the top of the fifth. But then all was lost as Hernandez had to leave the game due to incredibly high pitch count (some scientists put the number somewhere between 124 and infinity), paving the way for Guillermo Mota to enter the game to keep things close.

Instead, Mota gave six runs in two thirds of an inning causing some to wonder whether that was actually Mota, or Richard Todd throwing a touchdown to the guys in the wrong colored jersey.

And now, after a 17-7 loss, I'm blind.

But you know what gets my goat throughout this whole thing? It's the fact that for the first time ever, a team has swept the Yankees and the Mets during one regular season. And people who read that can't help but paint a picture in their minds of Yankee fans and Met fans commiserating together about the Rockies. That vision is inaccurate and grossly overstated. The conversation in the bar would actually go like this:

Yankee fan: "So you got swept by the Rockies too, huh? Too bad you don't have twenty six world championships that you can rest your head on at night."

At which point the Met fan would break their bottle over the Yankee fan's head and walk out of the bar with their heads held high...unlike the actual Mets, who leave Denver with their tails between their legs, Oliver Perez on the DL, and Sandy Alomar Jr. on the roster (a youth movement). Never have I been so happy to have the team in Houston in my life. At this point, anywhere but Denver.


Jaap said...

Does this mean you've learned braille?

Your blood post got me remembering the Doors' Peace Frog...

"Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness
She came
Blood in the streets its up to my thigh
She came
Yeah the river runs down the legs of the city
She came
The women are crying red rivers of weepin"

Unser said...

Can we please demote Mota!!!! The guy is awful. Has he had even 2 decent outings this year? Why are they so enamored with this guy!!!!!

It is now abundantly clear that we need another starter, another reliever and probably another outfielder. Hope Omar is working the phones.

The Penis Mightier said...

yeah Unser I agree. I don't know about another starter but definately a reliever and maybe two if we can finally have "the awful show" accept season ending surgery, anywhere.

I think we're going to find out how good of a GM Omar really is.

Godless Atheist said...

As long as you're a Born-Again Cheater, there's always room for you on Omar's Mets.

apv said...

I think I'm officially grossed out by that picture, Metstradamus, but it gets the point across. Before Monday's game, I pulled out an old Hank Williams Jr. CD and listened to the song "OD'd in Denver." I had no idea that song was a prelude to the Mets performance in the next three games. Yuck!

Krup said...

professor rick peterson has discovered the reason for the mets' recent pitching woes:

GaryG said...

17-7. I missed the Denver FG.