Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Get Me That Photo...And Shut Down The Mets While You're Out

See this picture? Nice picture, eh? Did you know that pictures like this are run from one part of the stadium to the other on game day by kids making next to nothing? Would you believe that one of these "kids" was on the hill Monday night making the Mets lineup look like Smuckers jelly?

Yes, that's right. Jason Hirsh, who came in at 3-7 and a 5.21 ERA made Jose Reyes look like Jose Cardenal. Paul Lo Duca look like Paul Lynde. Carlos Beltran look like Beltran Perez. Carlos Delgado look like...well he looks about the same.

Imagine that, a guy who actually currently holds an off-season job as a photo runner for the San Diego Chargers shut the Mets down in freakin' Coors Field. And he gets two hits tonight to boot! He had one all season! ONE! He even drove in two runs! Think of how much worse this would have been if Hirsh hadn't had to leave the game with a rolled ankle on the bases, forcing our friend Jorge Julio into the game.

Oh no, don't blame the humidor on this one (stupid lousy humidor).


People have talked about how some Omar Minaya trades haven't worked out. The problem with that is that one of them hasn't gotten a chance to work out yet.

Now it does, as Jason Vargas is set to go on Tuesday against the Rockies, and will most likely have a sustained opportunity with Oliver Perez on the DL. Sure, Matt Lindstrom and Henry Owens have held down major league jobs with the Marlins. But Owens has been oft injured, and Lindstrom is...well, he's okay. But Vargas hasn't had a chance to even out the trade a little bit (outside of starting the game against the Cubs which featured a five run ninth inning Met comeback). He will, starting on Tuesday.

That doesn't mean I'm not scared to death, especially after what the Rockies did to Tom Glavine during the third inning on Monday. Rick Peterson had better do some heavy duty counseling for this one (too bad he can't counsel the lineup).


Looks like The Paul Lo Duca Campaign is responding to reports that the wheels are in motion for Lo Duca to leave the team after the season in favor of Ronny Paulino. Even though the All-Star election is over, The Campaign would still appreciate the courtesy of your vote.

Please be aware that The Campaign will roll along with or without you. As you can see below, The Campaign has supporters from far and wide.

You are advised to join The Campaign. Shun it at your own risk.

(Editor's note: Ronny Paulino is on the Pirates. He beat us once. If this were an actual campaign, Lo Duca would never resort to smear tactics against an opponent such as Ronny Paulino. We here at Musings and Prophecies have no issue with Ronny Paulino besides the fact that he beat the Mets in September of 2006, and wish not to burn bridges with Mr. Paulino just in case these reports are true.)


And finally, by request, some special July analysis regarding the New York Rangers:

Oh heck yeah!

Now go get Shanny back and grab a defenseman and give me that tingly feeling all over.

How was that for analysis?


JMP said...

Can we DFA Glavine when/if he gets his 300th? I've officially grown tired of his act. He's never endeared himself to me, starting first with his inability to beat his former team to the 'shrinking violet' routine he pulled after his cab accident.

Sean said...

I'll grant Glavine seems to be having a Jekyll and Hyde sort of year, brilliant one start and clobbered the next. However, since the rest of the staff has performed pretty well, this is all we really need from Tommy.

I'm not sure what "act" you're referring to--unless you're talking about the magic act he performs every time he gets someone to whiff on an 84mph fastball. Glavine has given up 2 runs or less in half of his starts, so dropping him when you've already got Sosa and Perez on the DL seems like an especially ludicrous idea.

JMP said...

I don't recall if it was his first or second year on the Mets, but he was finally cruising along and then his cab got hit and he lost some teeth. That was pretty much the only injury. He wasn't the same after that.

I was being a little extreme with my desire to see him dropped. But not much...

Jeffrey said...

Rangers to the Stanley Cup or bust!

Anonymous said...

Once again a great post slams into deaf ears. You are an artist working in a museum of blind patrons.

However, I am your opponent in the ring of LoDuca opinion. The native son of NY, our own Soprano has begun to sing in off key.

His defense is off, His pitch calling not at its best and his patently patient hitting might have moved (with his furniture) to be with his ex-wife. As I was watching him play this past weekend he swung at more first pitches than ever....his life imitating his art? (OK I'm following your irreverent tone), BUT:

a. Russel Martin followed Paulie...not a bad succession.
b. Paulie's leadership is not coming thru right now.
c. Excuses for his off field persona has probably run thin in
the Met board room.
c. Catching and defense run hand in hand.
d. There is more out there than Paulino. Hoefully Vic Martinez is a FA.
e. In order to get Paulie: The Mets gave up Gabby Hernandez. Fine. BUT also retracted offers to Ramon Hernandez and BENJI MOLINA.
You talk about Ronny Paulino beating us in one game!!!! Omar Pi##ed off the WHOLE MOLINA NATION!! Yaddy (single handed) kept us out of the WS. THEN Benji speaking for himself homers twice in THE SAME INNING AT SHEA ealier this year.

Remember Metstradamus you hold some heavy jinx power in your crystal ball.

c.1970 said...

Granted, LoDuca isn't having a 2006 year, but few of last year's Mets are, which is why we're not 20 games ahead of the Sillies and the Native Americans at the midpoint. But he's still full of passion and hustle--what we need, and he sounded rather calm, rational, and media-friendly on WFAN today. The Mets are a lucky team--they have two very good catchers. Enjoy it.

JAMMQ said...

So . . . . the way gets paved for another Latin player to take the place of non-latin player.

But still, nobody believes that there may be truth to the rumors that the organization favors its latin players.

Of course, the organization is also notoriously conservative, and may have had one to many negative headlines out of Lo Duca in two years.

No fear, Ronny Paulino is the missing link to a Met championship.


debmc said...

Another great piece.... lol.

I too have to oppose the Paulie Campaign, because basically, and I know this is odd, I believe that voting for the person who most deserves to go is the rule of the day. Therefore, my vote went to Martin.

Let me just state that I love Paulie, but, well, refer to the above paragraph, lol.

I thought the bit about Hirsh's off season "job" was a scream. I thought to myself, as I heard the Mets announcers talking about it, this is the stuff that sports is truly made of. All the little things, the little details, which are just perfect for the leisurely pace of a baseball game!