Saturday, July 07, 2007


Joseeeeee, Jose Jose Joseeeeee.



Song or not...if you don't run, you sit.

So let me put it another way, a way you might understand:

Run haaaard, run hard run hard run haaaard.

Run haaaard,

Run haaaard.

The crack staff (in hibernation over the last few months), has found exclusive video of the chat after the game between Reyes and manager Willie Randolph:

But Willie Randolph was only responsible for one player sitting down. Wandy Rodriguez did that to everyone else on the team, proving that the Mets struggle at sea level too.

Wandy Rodriguez. The former Eny Cabreja. I think for about a year, he went by this. That guy. Shutout.

Shameful? Maybe it was the rough trip they had from Denver catching up with them:

(Editors note: Family Guy videos embedded from you tube are this blogger's way of saying he's got nothing insightful or meaningful tonight. We stink, and that's it. And sometimes, that's enough.)


JAMMQ said...

So . . . the altitude was the problem in Colorado, now the Colorado trip is the problem in Houston?

Hmmm, good thing other teams don't have to make that same trip. Oh, wait, they do.

So maybe the problem lies somewhere else, so say I . . . but I'm no Metstradmus.

Mike said...

Now it an attitude problem.

Anonymous said...

We do sport a 3-2 edge over the Nats this year. Any team with a $140 payroll should be proud of that, as well as the Schoenweis pickup, re-signing a cheater called Mota, calling on a cripple named Alou to replace a hobbled LF, playing a selfish old fool like Franco, and trying to con the fans--injuries aside--that in 2007 you can be a contender without a 2B and a RF. Omar--I expect little in 2007, and this is not the team I admired in 2006, but PLEASE don't trade the prospects for a rent-a-player!!!
As for Reyes, it's time for him to grow up, for sure, but I think he's covering up an injury when he jammed his shoulder last week because he wants to make his All-Star game start.

JAMMQ said...

Reyes isn't the only one who plays with a sense of complacency.

David Wright couldn't even tag runners at third base last night.

Anonymous said...

DWright? But Vitamin Water profits, tax-writeoff charities, opening the NYSE, and dining with President/Dear Leader 26% is soooo much more important than tagging another MLB co-worker out, right?