Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ollie's Follies

All right, all right...I'm not going to sit here and pretend that the first game of spring training really means a whole lot. I'm not even going to panic over Oliver Perez's linescore (two innings, 4 runs, one K, one HR).

But it's a good thing that the boxscore doesn't include a column for potential broken legs caused by wild warm-up pitches. Because if it did, Oliver Perez would lead the league.
"'I got hit pretty good,' said the photographer, John Iacono, who was shooting from near the backstop before the game. 'At the last minute, I saw it coming. I turned my left leg just enough so I didn't get it head on.' Tigers manager Jim Leyland told Iacono to have trainers look at the leg, which was hit just below the knee. Iacono, who stopped shooting the game after the fourth inning, had about 15 minutes of ice and had the leg wrapped. He said after the game that he wasn't feeling too good and that he might have the leg X-rayed."
Oliver Perez has one mission in life and that's not to be wild. So what does he do during the first game of the spring? Why, he almost kills a photographer of course. I guess all those lessons that he put to use during Game 7 last season were all thrown out the window. (Or at least he tried to throw them out the window...he probably missed and hit his dog. Poor dog.)


Mike said...

He's just saving it for a big game.

Come round two of the playoffs, he'll be ready as can be.

kyle in newport news said...

He probably thought the photographer's leg was a bowl of ice cream.

Coop said...

Mike, will you marry me? :p