Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Greetings From Satan's Playground

Otherwise known as: Buffalo, NY.

You are reading history here friends, for this is the very first posting that I've ever made while not sitting in my living room. No no, friends. Metstradamus has gone mobile.

This new found mobility is pretty awe inspiring. I feel like that guy in the Red Roof Inn commercials singing "muuuuuuul-ti-task-ing"! (No, I'm not at a Red Roof Inn). I will say this though: I could be all like "King of the castle, king of the castle", but you know what? A water is still five dollars...even in Buffalo. I hardly feel like a king...more like a sucker.

You may be worried about my lack of posting lately. Don't worry, I'm keeping track of Rickey Henderson's upcoming retirement ceremony, Luis Castillo imminent arrival as the new Mets second baseman (in 2008, mind you...hey let's trade for him now, Jose Valentin has some old age injury), Barry Zito being a punk, and some guy named Jose Jose (No kidding! his name really is Jose the freakin' song!)

But my focus has been geared towards what is going to happen over the next couple of weeks...that's right, lame previews of the Mets along with the rest of the N.L. East. Here's a tentative preview:

March 20: The Outfield (not the band)
March 21: The Infield
March 22: The Bullpen
March 23: The Starters
March 26-March 30: team by team capsules of the N.L. East, along with predictions for order of finish.

Don't get too excited folks, it's stuff you already know, only with my special sauce.

Until then, I'm off to get some Tim Horton's for a doughnut I can take with me while I go over the falls in a barrel (not willingly, I'll probably be forced over by the townspeople after incessantly reminding them of Scott Norwood and Brett Hull).


Eric said...

yo metstra..ya gotta update that hatelist man..seein the same names up there is killin me!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the armpit of NY!
Not sure how long your here for, but if you get a chance- get to GROVERS on Transit for the greatest burger ever! warning- stay away from the pizza.

Wisdom from a former Long Islander

Metstradamus said...


All you ever have to do is ask!


Always looking for food tips. Thank you!!!

Mike said...

Dumb question, but someone needs to ask (and I'll be the one):

Why are you in Buffalo?

elliot said...

Food tips in Buffalo? OK - Ike & BG’s Rib House , on 1646 Genesee Street. Go hungry.

Anonymous said...

Jim Kelly should NOT be on the hatelist!!!

Mike said...

Metstra. I'm am SOOOOOO disappointed in you.

You are, if I'm not mistaken, a Jet fan. And yet Bill "Fucking" Simpson does not find himself at number one on this week's Buffalo-themed hate list.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Metstradamus said...

Mike, you're right. But the Bill Simpson INT is just so buried in the annals of Jet disappointments. It's easy to forget.

Unser said...

MD, I think your soothsaying-ness is rubbing off on me. See my comment to your March 8th post . . . Alay Soler - I called it baby! Props to Unser! Anyone?

Alay alayed an egg. Glad he's gone - he looked afraid to come anywhere near the strike zone.

Buffalo? What'd you do to deserve that trip?

Unser said...

March 9th post, that is. . .

Metstradamus said...

What good are powers if you keep them to yourself? Use the force, Unser...use the force.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Metstradamus, don't pile on Buffalo. That city is already in sad enough shape.

Dan said...

Food suggestions and no Anchor Bar? for shame. If you're in the city of wings you might as well try the original. Its like going into Niagara falls and not checking out the Canadian Ballet

Benny Agbayani said...

It will be interesting to get your take on this year's team. However, let me take a wild guess...Mets in first.

The Metmaster said...


Among other things, I am an expense report master. I am always available for consultation.
Good luck. Have fun.


Mike said...

Ahhhh, good to see the Simpsons where they belong. One murdered his wife, the other murdered the dreams of a 14 year-old boy getting his first taste of a Green Post-season.

The pain!

Eric said...

thanks for the update on the hatelist!!
are you up in buffalo for the tournament? or just coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Its kinda funny about the Zito thing. I would probably venture a guess that the Mets "arrogance" had something to do with them not feeling he was a Number one starter.

Metstradamus said...


This was a business trip. But the tournament was involved.