Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Quick Complaint Before Opening Night

So the "Baseball Gods" are playing yet another joke on me.

Ambiorix Burgos has made the ballclub, with Chan Ho Park having been sent down to the minor leagues.

I'm not mad because Burgos has a 7.16 ERA this spring and he's on the ball club. Oh no. Chan Ho Park would have been a fish out of water in the bullpen, and he's better served starting in New Orleans for a few weeks in preparation for his inevitable entry into the rotation when (yes, when) Orlando Hernandez gets hurt.

You know what gets me though?

I'm going to have to spell "AMBIORIX" all season.


But like it or not, he's here to stay. Ambiorix "Blue Wave" Burgos. A test of my typing dexterity, night in and night out. Wish me luck.


metsgrrl said...

just do what i do: call him 'weetabix'.

thank you, drive through

seriously, though. chan ho park would have been a train wreck. the matsui of the pitching staff

Unser said...

Suggested nicknames for Ambiorix Burgos:

The Burg
El Caldo

Mike said...

Metstra rocking the Japanese League allusion. Very impressive, sir.

As to Burgos' nickname, it's been well established around Teh Tubes: The Amburglar.

T.A. Negro said...

It's better for him to be on the bigs working on his game. If we're going to extract value from him, this is how we'll do it. Maybe it'll go the Julio route, where we get him on a hot streak and deal him for something more useful this season. We should be rooting for him regardless. Positive vibes dude !!!

I like the Burg. but with a zhe at the end. Like dirge. or sarge. Sergeant Burgos, reporting to dominate the 6th inning sir!!

Anonymous said...

Psyched for tonight! Fuck St. Louis!
Looking forward to a few months of Metstradamus.

Are we going to hear from Tom Seaver this year? What happened to him?

Toasty Joe said...

Yes, Mike is right, this was done to death on my blog a few weeks back. It's The Amburglar. Done and done.

elliot said...

Nickname suggestion: "Cheese" Burgos. With a fastball like he has, it's just a natural.