Friday, December 01, 2006

Glavine? Check. Zito?

Thankfully, Tommy G and his agent Gregg Clifton have come to their senses and have returned to Queens for one year and an option for a second.

Tommy's family is just going to have to deal with it. He explored the opportunity for didn't work out. I'm sure the house in Connecticut is nice enough for one more year. They should remember the Christmas adage that "it's the thought that counts".

Oh, and screw you, John Schuerholz. Next time maybe you aren't going to be so quick to write a book. Any Matt Franco secrets you want to share?

Now please, Mr. Minaya, dial up Satan Boras and slap a black uniform on Barry Zito...and we'll have a Merry Christmas.

(Editor's note: Did I just hear Steve Phillips say that George W. Bush would be a candidate to replace Bud Selig as commissioner after Selig retires in 2009? thought he butchered "nuclear", wait'll he takes a stab at "Matsuzaka".)


Anonymous said...

I want two things for Christmas
1. Zito
2. Jets in the playoffs.

I would also like a plasma TV, but Mrs. Claus already said no.

Metstradamus said...

LCD is better than plasma anyway.

Mike said...

you thought he butchered "nuclear", wait'll he takes a stab at "Matsuzaka".


Ed, take Zito and hope my man KClem's ready to make the leap next near. Don't get me wrong, I'll take thr playoffs, but I'll take Zito first.

And stop yer' whining about the TV. I'm still working with a 2000 25" regular TV, and waiting to buy my first I-pod.

The Metmaster said...


Your GWB remark is brilliant.

I think the cork is now out of the bottle for Omar. Time to start spending Fred's money. Management wanted Glavine back. They got him at an acceptable price for them. Let's get on with the business of building a dynasty.

And you're right. Schuerholz is a dirtbag.

Ian said...

Better get ready to invade Cuba.

jdon said...

Bring me the head of Freddie Garcia. No, no, just kidding. I don't even want him. I just wanted to say that. This Oakland talk is interesting I would take Blanton for Heilman but I would nbot sweetenit with the likes of Pelfrey or Humber. I think they both have a lot of promise.
ore than Maine or Perez.

Unser said...

If George W becomes the next commissioner, I might have to puke.

Anonymous said...

Funny how crap rises to the top. Dubya is still a fraud and a miserable failure without an ounce of honesty or integrity, which, I guess makes him perfect for Selig's spot.

k. said...

I knew my adulthood would be a living hell when they wanted Peter Uberroth to be a US President after he put on a flashy Olympic opener. Or Lee Iaocca after he 'saved' his car company with my tax $$$. And wasn't Kissinger Commish of US Soccer for a while? Can we still red-flag him for War Crimes? And that security genius, Condi Rice, for NFL Commish? What next?--moi playing WR for the Colts??? So Dumbya as MLB Commish--hey!--makes it easier to chuck foul balls back on the field.

This off season: So much for "clubhouse magic." Everyone's jumping the Mets ship to inferior teams for A Few Dollars More. Even Glavine managed to make things very annoying, though we do need his 41-year-old arm back.

If anything, if you need a nonplayer, I'm sad to see Floyd go and Franco remain an active player. If we keep Milledge, he'd be the best of potential mentors. And DWright will miss Floyd's presence.

I would, however, like to thank the Indians for grabbing Bert. Nice guy, but I think he's done.

jabair said...

if W becomes commissioner, im moving to japan....

screwing up the country is bad enough but screwing up baseball is gonna drive me over the edge

Anonymous said...

Nice Isles Rangers game last night.
At least, from my standpoint.

Lundquist = Trachsel?

k. said...

A touchdown for my Isles (and will Steve Sommers shut up with the "Icelanders"?--tired joke)...missed much of it because my godawful Jints are a bunch of crybabies led by a red-faced madman... But now since we found out Pen's Malkin likes to chuck the puck in the net (and not get a penalty call because he's 'precious'), p'haps he can be the number 2 hurler if Mets don't sign Zito...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Cardinals revising the Carpenter deal to $65m over 5 years, will impact the overall deal size for Zito. I mean if you compare the Oswalt and Carpenter stats to Zito over 3, then 5 years, I'm not sure I can rationalize paying anything over $75m/5yrs to sign him.