Saturday, October 03, 2009

Now Here's Baghdad Bob With The Paid Attendance

Interesting throw in to the game notes on the bottom of the wire copy for Saturday's 5-1 win:
"The announced paid attendance was 37,578."
The unannounced attendance in the real world? Let's just say Tony Bernazard has more Facebook friends.

That explains the uncontrolled giggling on the P.A. system when the attendance was actually announced. It was the biggest fit of laughter at Citi Field since Snoop told the following joke at a press conference in June:
Scott Kazmir walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says "Where'd you get that?" And the parrot says "From Jim Duquette".
You had to be there.


Joe Cook said...

I was one of the few, and proud of it. $20 on stub hub for $75 seats.

So between thinking of how much my tickets were supposed to cost, and watching Major League on tv tonight, I thought of something in that movie I never had before: If the owner really wanted to drive down attendance, why didn't she just jack up ticket prices and fill the stadium with memorabilia of another team? Is it possible the Wilpons are hoping to move the team to Miami? There is a new stadium being built there, after all....

James Allen said...

I was away on a cruise the past week... did I miss much? A sweep in Washington? An actual Nick Evans sighting? (Was that on the Discovery Channel or something? A camera panning around Citi Field with an English guy with binoculars narrating, "The Nick Evans is an elusive creature, no one is sure if it really exists... wait! What's that? Could it be? Yes! Yes! The Nick Evans has emerged, with a bat is his hand which is atypical of his species, oh this is an exciting day...")

This organization sucks. But that's cliche, isn't it? At least I was out to sea intentionally, but these guys? Pffft.

Schneck said...

Met tickets are the latest Ponzi scheme. There were about 37,000 people in places other than Citifield that had sent their money to the Wilpons in good faith. Many of those people then sold the tickets in turn (for quite a bit less) and so on. The Wilpons are feeling a bit of odd redemption, I think.

DyHrdMET said...

the Kazmir joke was great. And love the remark from the commenter that the Mets tickets are a ponzi scheme. Well, that market completely crashed this season. Many parallels.