Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Javy Vazquez, Citi Field, And You

(Your self portrait may vary.)

If the Javier Vazquez trade to the Braves doesn't convince Omar Minaya that spending money to fill holes isn't more prudent than dabbling in the trade market, I don't know what will.

Because once upon a time, there was talk that Vazquez could be dealt for Luis Castillo. Although most thought he was worth a bit more than that, the Braves gave the White Sox two of their top prospects. Vazquez's true worth is most likely somewhere in between.

The Braves, with their limited payroll, are somewhat forced to think this way. The Mets, with their own television network, a new ballpark with higher priced tickets, and their name rights deal with CitiBail still intact, do not have to think this way. (Which reminds me: that whole "Citi/Taxpayer Field" idea? Yeah ... thanks a lot, Quixote and Sancho. Those windmills never knew what hit 'em). Yet there are multiple "reports" that the Mets would rather trade prospects for a JJ Putz than spend money ... our money, used ultimately to bail out Citi and line the Wilpon's pockets ... for the guy with 62 saves last season.

But I'm not worried ... yet, because those reports are just that. The Vazquez deal should serve as a sobering agent if there are any further ideas about spending prospects to get an injury prone closer. Besides, the Mets have had a habit of reeling in the big fish during the last few winters. And with the price on K-Rod seemingly dropping, and the Mets as pretty much the only suitor out there, not even Omar Minaya can screw this up at the winter meetings in Vegas next week ... unless of course he blows all that taxpayer money on the slots at McCarron airport.

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Unser said...

You heard it here first - wherever Vasquez goes, he will get lit up.

Weird hot stove thus far this off-season, isn't it? Not even a sniff of who the Mets are really targeting.