Monday, December 15, 2008

Mets Looking At Mystery Reliever

There have been questions as to where the Mets will find some help for the 'pen after their recent trade of Scott Schoeneweis, among others. There were rumors that they were looking across the pond at a "mystery reliever". And even when names leaked, it didn't help because the scouting services had little video on them. But the crack staff has found out not only who the Mets are actually looking at, but even dug up a little video on him. Check this out:

This guy has the tools ... he was able to spot it, had some good velocity, and I'd swear that shoe had some late movement on it. He'll work just fine. He may be a little raw, and he'll learn that the Phillies frown on headhunting. He'll also learn to aim more at the ribs with some experience here in the States. Even though he's a project, I think Dan Warthen can work with this guy.


MetFanMac said...


...What in the name of sanity was that?

James Allen said...

If you that was good, you should see his split-fingered shoe.

I haven't seen stuff like this since Rick Rhoden's cut loafer back in the 70's.

Chuck Rothman said...

No good. They need a lefthander.

Unser said...

Brilliant . . .

One additional thing would have made him a perfect fit for the Mets: either Bush or Maliki hits both shoes out of the press room, and then trots around the perimeter in celebratory fashion.

Metstradamus said...

James, Warthen is high on his slide shoe.

Chuck, there are rumors he's ambidextrous a-la Greg Harris, but I can't confirm that with the scouting service.

Unser, after the celebratory trot, Larry Andersen comments that someone should stick one in his neck.

James Allen said...

Unser, after the celebratory trot, Larry Andersen comments that someone should stick one in his neck.

That's what the high heels are for.

Marco DL said...

Just finished watching it again and again and me and my old man agree that the second shoe definitively had some very interested movement by the time it reached the desk...I mean: plate.

It looked like a backdoor slider to us

Metscape said...

I wish we could get this guy to throw a couple of heaters at Hamels head!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The first one was a high fastball that set up the back door slider!!!