Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You Don't Suppose...

Now that the Mets have all their pitching, and that they've pretty much locked Manny Ramirez out of the hut, you think they might renew their interest in trading for Jermaine Dye?

He's a right handed bat (which they want), he's going to cost about $14 million less than Manny (which they like), and now that the White Sox are seemingly close to Bobby Abreu, there could be a necessity to trade Dye. (May we interest you in a slap hitting second baseman, Chicago?)

But seriously, I don't know what the Sox would want going the other way. It can't be much if they absolutely have to trade him, but it will probably be Homer Bailey in a deal that was rumored long ago. So I doubt Dye to the Mets would actually happen. But this is the kind of blog post you get when my caretakers actually allow me to think.

In an unrelated epiphany, if the Mets sign Victor Diaz as that right handed bat and think that bringing "Little Manny" back would take Mets fans mind off of "Big Manny", I'm going to jump off what remains of Shea Stadium. So they'd better knock that puppy down quick.


Demitri said...

The Phillies must really be in Minaya's head. He thinks taking on all these spare parts and has-beens is going to yield something.

Where was this Minaya last year when Brad Lidge could be had for a minor leaguer and and a light hitting reserve outfielder?

The way I see it, the bullpen has been addressed, but the fatal flaw from 2007 has not. You still have a rotation where 3/5 of the rotation can't be counted on finish the 6th inning, leading to epic bullpen burnout by September.

There are a lot of "ifs" offensively too, but I won't even go there.

Anonymous said...

They need a right handed bat, no question. Even if its a platoon outfielder. What does our bench consist of right now? Aside from Castro and Tatis, are there any right handed hitters?

Anonymous said...

Aside from this. Word has it that Citigroup may be forced to buy out its 20 year contract toward naming rights on the new stadium. If they have to take down the signs, who picks it up as a sponsor during these tough economic times. Or do they find another name not affiliated with a corporation? I can't imagine the Treasury department will allow the facility to have a grand opening under that name in April. They've already cut the new corporate jet and are putting curbs on exec pay.

Can you say Mets Stadium or City Field? Its kind of fitting the way the Mets have collapsed over the past couple of years that their stadium is affiliated with one of the biggest bank failures in the history of finance. I'm not sure how many other parks are supported by financial institutions that received a bailout....however it is weird that some of Met expenses/payroll are being covered by taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...


* If all games had ended after six innings this season, the Mets would have finished the year 11 games ahead of the Phillies (aka, the team that won the World Series).

* If all games had ended after seven innings, the Mets would have finished six games ahead of the Phillies.

* And if all games had even been just eight innings long instead of nine, the Mets would have finished five games ahead of the Phillies.

So... if our rotation and offense are merely as "flawed" as last year, and our bullpen has improved (I don't think K-Putz count as has-beens or spare parts), I think the Mets chances are good this year. Then again, I thought that last year.

I'm ambivalent about Manny. That guy seems like some kind of clubhouse cancer who always has to get his own way. Manny being Manny my ass.

Anonymous said...

I liked Diaz, he would be a nice signing.

David Philp said...

Moises Alou is still a free agent. Sign him and we can pencil him in for about as many starts as Freddy Garcia.