Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bloggers To Beat

They're even obsessed with our logo!

It's an interesting idea that has been done before, but never with these two teams: Yes, there is a new Mets/Phillies blog making the rounds these days, and the authors were nice enough to find me for an interview about the rivalry. The blog is called, oddly enough, "We're The Team to Beat". And you can find my interview here.

Thanks to Matt (the Mets fan) and Mike (the Phillies fan) for having me. And if they don't kill each other by July maybe I'll make a second appearance. I wish them well.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Metstradamus getting some cross promotion. I hear MSNBC is going to ask your thoughts on the Economic Stimulus Bill.

As for the J.C. Romero "smoking frosted mini-wheats" - it is not the mini - wheats but the regular size that lights up the best.

Here is a puff to you - Metstradamus.

GM-Carson said...

Yes, we all hate each other.

Over the next few weeks WSBGM's will be breaking down each of the NL East teams' rosters. First on the docket is the infield (outfield, rotation, and bullpen to follow). There's a poll to vote on the best NL East infield following the breakdown of each teams' players.

Link: http://pabaseball.blogspot.com/2009/02/nl-east-infields.html

Give it a link if you like it...thanks.

Anonymous said...

“If there was a Mets vs. Phillies brawl in 2009, which team would come out on top and why?”

If you’ve had a chance to read Metstradamus’ interview on the new blog We’re The Team To Beat then you’ve already seen his funny answer to this question.

Well, it turns out Metstrdamus isn’t the only Mets fan/wrestling who has envisioned such a brawl going down. I have a friend who is Mets fan, but is an even bigger wrestling fan. I can’t resist posting his elaboration to Metstradamus’ post. If you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll enjoy reading this. If you’re not a wrestling fan then just skip this post and read on.

Here's how a wrestling match between the Mets and the Phillies would go down.

It's 5 on 5. Elimination match. David Wright, Jose Reyes, Ryan Church, Pedro Feliciano and Robinson Cancel vs. Ryan Howard, Jimmie Rollins, Chase Utley, Cole Hammels, and, of course, Shane Victorino.

The bell rings and the Ryan Howard immediately powerbombs Pedro Feliciano, pinning him. So right away it's 5 on 4. A brawl breaks out, with all 9 men battling in the ring. The Phillies, with their numbers, overwhelm the Mets, tossing Wright and Reyes out of the ring. Cancel is badly injured, effectively eliminating him even though he hasn't been pinned. Church, however, rallies, cleaning house all by himself. Appearing to have the advantage, he runs toward a Philly, who moves out of the way, causing Church to hit the turnbuckle, concussing himself. As Church is standing around dazed, Victorino distracts the referee, and the Philly Phanatic, at ringside, nails him with a baseball bat. The Phillies pin him.

So now it's David Wright and Jose Reyes vs. five Phillies.

Reyes immediately performs a flurry of fast-paced maneuvers, pinning a Philly with a moonsault off the top rope. Another Philly comes running at him, and Reyes grabs him with a small package and pins him.

So it's 2 on 3.

The Phillies get the upper hand on Reyes and work him over for awhile. After getting his clock cleaned, Reyes makes his way and tags Wright. Wright cleans house and pins a Philly, evening the odds to 2 on 2. Yet another Philly tries to take out Wright, but he nails the big boot and legdrop for the pin.

So now it's Wright and Reyes vs. Victorino.

Victorino, clearly, is in trouble. He's begging off like a coward. Suddenly, the Philly Phanatic tosses a lead pipe to Victorino, who nails Wright with it while the referee isn't looking. The Philly Phanatic takes the top of his costume off, and it's Willie Randolph. Jose Reyes, infuriated at the betrayal, takes off after him, chasing him out of the arena.

So now it's Wright vs. Victorino. Wright, however, has been beaten with a lead pipe and is in no condition to defend himself.

But wait! Robinson Cancel is back in the ring! Robinson Cancel is back in the ring! Can he save the Mets?

Cancel removes his catcher's mask -which, by the way, he's been wearing the entire time - and it's Paul LoDuca. He kicks Wright in the head, Victorino pins him and then they spray paint PWO on his back.

That's how it would go.

Anonymous said...

phenomenal interview. i love that you called him "a connoisseur of hate, and not just a dabbler". that's a golden little nugget right there. liked the frosted mini-wheats too

Anonymous said...

Get. That. Logo. Off my screen!