Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey, The Mets Signed An Outfielder With Distinctive Hair!

No, not that outfielder with distinctive hair.

Yeah, it's a minor league deal for Sideshow Bobby Kielty. There's your low end righty, kids.

I kinda dig him off the bench. I just hope he doesn't scare the children with that hair. Because as you know, it's all about the children.

The Mets also signed former Yankee Matt DeSalvo, who had a 31.50 ERA last season with Atlanta. I've had dinner bills at fancy restaurants lower than 31.50. Awesome. There's a signing that has all the excitement of a Citi Field commemorative patch.

I miss Brandon Knight already.


Anonymous said...

well, thats the first time my eyes set upon the damned patch on a real eyes are scorched from one quick view...its f-in huge...."ohhhhh the Humanity"

MetFanMac said...

You know, if you combined all the contracts of these anemic backup backup outfielders we're signing left and right, we might have a Manny-sized one.

...I'm just sayin'.