Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sierra Mist

So it's the Texas Rangers who are going to take a chance on Sammy Sosa, and not the New York Mets.

But fear not, for it wasn't the fact that the Mets were outbid for his services. No, the Flushing Nine used some restraint in keeping away from Sosa.

Mets brass have reasoned that with an organization filled with veteran presence such as Tom Glavine, Orlando Hernandez, Julio Franco, Damion Easley, Benito Santiago, Wil Cordero, Jose Offerman, and now are very close to signing Ruben Sierra, it's become clear as to what the Mets line of thinking is.

Sammy Sosa is obviously too young and inexperienced to play in Queens.


Anonymous said...

SANTIAGO!?! When did THIS happen!?! Man, I'm further from Queens than I thought!

Anonymous said...

Sosa's alleged steroid history would distract fans from paying attention to the return of Guillermo Mota.

Anonymous said...

Ruben Sierra???

You've got to be kidding me. I want to like the '07 Mets as much as last year's squad. But Sierra is such a punk, what could Omar possibly want with this guy?

(Maybe he wants Sierra to keep hiding the pics of Omar & Lima Time! in a shower stall.)

Anonymous said...

Don't get it, don't get it, don't get it. Why?!?!

The "what have we got to lose" argument holds no water with me. Sierra's addition means the subtraction of some young player who could turn out to be something. One aging mentor (Franco) in the organization is enough. And this guy is D-O-N-E anyway.

I hear Oil Can Boyd is trying to make a comeback - maybe we can add him to the starting rotation behind El Duque.

Unser's not happy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was shocked Fan Confidence on Metsblog was up to 7. I put down a 3. My Mets are becoming the "Children of Men" team of MLB--no one who hasn't popped out of the womb after 1965 need apply. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The "All they care about over there is winning" Sierra? The Juicer of all Juicers? Omar, come on!

Anonymous said...

The problem with giving Sierra a shot, as so clearly stated in this post by the sage himself, is that it prevents a younger player like Sosa from getting a chance.

So much for a youth movement...

Anonymous said...

I think we may be going a bit overboard here, comparing the 2007 Mets to a retirement community; three-fifths of our starting rotation come April is likely to be 25 or younger. Alou is just there to keep the outfield warm while Milledge and Gomez continue to develop. Most of the signings that have everyone so up-in-arms are for over-the-hill bench players who aren't even guaranteed roster spots, and Sierra will have to have one hell of a spring to make the team over, say, Ben Johnson. Omar is just keeping his options open, on the cheap. The sky ain't fallin' just cause Ruben Sierra's coming to spring training.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sean, stop making so much sense.

When our starting rotation is fgonna be filled with young talented, pitchersd, nobody's happy.

But when we have a lot of cheap vetran option for the bench, the team is far too old.

How dare Omar not give us an entire team of 28-year old superstars about to enter their prime!

Anonymous said...

Omar does not favor race-based decisions as a means to remedy past injustice.

Anonymous said...

Odds are the Sierra is signing a Minor League deal. With that, he can act as a mentor in AAA for the young guys. That's OK. They can learn a lot from him.
Wait, maybe that's not such a good idea after all.

Anyway, I refuse to get annoyed over a Minor League contract for a guy who has little to no shot at the roster. Its all full at the inn. At worst, he is in Norfolk, and is a callup if a bench guy goes down.
At best, he is this years Boone.